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A chapter in the book Free Verse and Blank Verse Poems

Gentle Words Safe Heart

by smileycloud

May we speak with loving kindness to all we meet and our own self

true and faithful guardian
                         be ever watchful
             ward off
                     sicknesses of the heart

            chattering, gossiping mouth
                  the cavern of hate
                                         spite reigns
                   corruption spills out
                                                   lips defile
                                           peril reigns

walk nigh the narrow path
drift not nor digress
stray not from the pursuit of euphoria

          steer straight
captain a sturdy and steadfast ship
                                a strong and sagacious core


                         inner sustenance
a beautiful countenance reflects a refined soul

fight on true champion
                                protect the garrison
                     your body

               let not the spirit ail
be not the victim of malicious intent

raspy tongue spits fire and venom
                  tainting the lips
                               polluting space

                  foul breath
poisonous gasses abrades the intellect
                                                clogs the airways

                             stinging darts
                                    the mind pierces the heart


shattered pieces fall randomly
shards of glass like barbs castigate
jagged edges slice and wound

                                  worldly pain
                       lowered esteem
                                       isolation from society


the listening ear
           good and evil currents

                      hear not the manipulator
                             block deliveries
        raise the bar of acceptance
            free the spirit within


the company of few is pleasant
            like-mindedness blesses alliance
                      envy not the false and pretentious

      keep company with
       gentle kindness

the nature within writes the play without
                                      the chosen stage predicts the act
                           be watchful of friend and foe alike
          by their words they will be known
                                              be wary of who and where
 know your heart speaks the truth to you
                                         she will be your guide
              true friendship will be a magnet
                                       everlasting companionship
         is the tongue of amiable genuineness

respect for oneself is prudent

run the good race
fight the good fight
(2 Timothy 4:6-22)


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