General Poetry posted October 12, 2017

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A free form poem.

Wishes of Bears

by Rasmine

Wishes of bears
tantalize my thoughts
I would love to see
in the wild.

A bear standing in
majestic wonder
Aweing all humans
saying 'Grrrrr'.

Sharpening his claws
on tree bark,
I suddenly sight him,
then see the fear and watch it
igniting his feet.

To run away from
the most feared enemy.
The one who steals his home
and robs his babies
of their fierceness.

I walk closer, but not too near
to see him stand like a king
and sadly gaze over his
old home; now the sighting
of a 'much needed' shopping mall.

His children -- soft, trusting,
scared, little balls of fur
in trucks headed to learning
tricks for a money-lust circus
or boring zoo.

They will never see dad or mama
bear again, the foes with guns and saws,
stole them away.

I look to where he looks.
He sees his mate
lying dead in a
puddle of bear blood.

She died defending
her cubs. Fighting to
her final breath.

They gunned her -- must have
shot her in the stomach, head, and paw.
She cried, the sound heart-wrenching
unless you are a frosty-hearted killer.

Her -- their -- young cry,
tucked in wooden crates.
The male sees me, stares at me
with sad eyes, then runs.

He will never forget
her musk smell and
new scent of cubs.
He stops and mourns
in a tree of honey sadness.


Thank you, BRUCEIORIO, for your awesome art.

I would like any suggestions, please.

There are a large number of black bears sighted in Farmington, CT. They are forced to live close to humans because of greed. People are cutting down the woods, stealing animal homes, and then wonder why Mother Nature is attacking us with hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. I feel bad for everybody affected by natural disasters, but please, robbing animal homes are a disaster too!
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by BRUCEIORIO at

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