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This work has reached the exceptional level
When dread and fear from phone calls occur

Unwanted Calls

by Tier V. King

What is it about phone calls
that brings nausea and butterflies?

Disguised calls during irregular hours
are calls disguised as normal,
though can be so informal
but are so overwhelming,
like the thoughts of the unexpected.

Those unwanted, dreaded phone calls
not only received in the middle of the night
are perceived as such a sorry plight,
yet un - polite, full of the un - invite and fright
and that sickening feeling.

Every time the phone rings
it brings that really, really bad news,
bad news that uses my spirit as a punching bag,
and has my heart beating out of my chest,
leaving me out of breath, full of unrest
and not wanting to answer,
but when I do answer
it's like getting hit with a ton of bricks,
and when I crawl from under that brick wall
there is just another brick wall
waiting to fall,

because those calls are full of
daunting, taunting, and haunting.

Leaves me disheveled and bedeviled,
puzzled and troubled,
as to whether or not I should even pick up that phone,
but what if I don't?
And if I do,
will I survive that next unfair, full of don't care,
cannot bear those darn unwanted phone calls?

Oh! Excuse me, the phone is ringing,

catastrophe and devastation is waiting...

Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry


Starting with 1993, I started receiving phone calls of very bad news from different members of my immediate family.

The first call was what I called, the beginning of all loss. This call was the final call from dad regarding my mother's brief suffering from Breast Cancer. I say brief because we found out in August of 1992, six months later in February of 1993, mother was gone.

The next phone call I received from my sister Susan about our oldest sister Pamela. Pamela was killed in a horrific vehicle crash with her husband in June of 1996.

The next call, only six months later, December of 1996, My sister Susan was murdered.

The next call was in September of 1999, My sister Marilyn was in a horrible car crash that snapped her neck. Her car was totaled. The Doctors said there was no way she should have survived this crash. God allowed us to keep Marilyn that day.

Over the next few years I kept receiving (numerous) phone calls regarding my oldest son. These calls seemed to always occur during the middle of the night. Police Officers or someone else would find him passed out in different places or he was arrested for something, or he got jumped by gang members, or the Police Officers beat him up. It was always for one reason or the other. Tyrene was really having a bad life during this time. He was going through a lot but we were too because of this. This was a horrible time for me. Every time that phone rang I would pray first then I would answer it. It was just too scary for me. I would get this really bad feeling in my gut yet in 2009 I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. From all the stress that I was going through I miscarried my baby girl.

Finally in May 2012, I got a picture text of my oldest son, passed out on a New York train, blood was all over his face. When I called the woman back who sent me the picture text she told me that she found him on the train that way, with blood pouring from the top of his head. he had walk head first into to an oncoming train. It was a botched suicide attempt. God was not going to let him die this way. I am sure that God prevented my son from being under that train because I kept praying specifically that my son not get run over by some train or suffer some horrible death.

By September 2013, I got the call that no mother ever wants to get. Tyrene was found dead in his own home.

By October 2015, I got the call from my cousin, Dana that my favorite Aunt Barbara had passed away from her fight with Cancer.

By September 2016, I got another call that my niece, Charnez (who was like a daughter to me) was found dead in the same manner that my son was found dead, too similar for comfort.

These were major blows to all of us as a family. So after all of the above I did not and still do not enjoy when the phone rings and I am still very afraid to answer my phone.
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