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Boys ages 15 & 16 stabbed by boy age 18 right in school

Two Boys Stabbed In School Classroom

by Tier V. King

Written by Tier V. King 10/02/2017 4:15 AM

September twenty seventh, two thousand seventeen
has me frazzled, somewhat raveled and feeling hassled
by this extreme mean, unforeseen routine,
that is this cling thing, so un-serene
of New York City.

New York City, which is a city
full of the witty, un-witty, and the saditty,
those who get down to the nitty gritty
in the disturbing of the unnerving ya'
which is the feed-ier, media.
I just can't get used to the slew of the news,
I can't ever stay enthused or be through with the news
so we all walk around with our heads in a cloud
though we're never amused,
we are thoroughly confused,

but just what does this all prove?

That we just never know, are never owed
or will never have control
of how evil grooves and moves and rules
as our children come and go.

This makes me want to fall apart
or start some kind of querulous art.
It's just that spiritually - I can't be a part
of the Devil's revel or be his rebel
of his unleveled - thwart.

Just like...
the two boys stabbed by that one boy,
where the bullies seem to rule,
right there in school,
right there in the classroom,
there where doom and gloom swept through that room
like a scheming, screaming demon
who was sweeping his agendum
with his fueling, dueling broom.
He was the Devil's chum beating his drum
as he had his up thumb,

It was the kiss of surrealistic,
It was somewhat simplistic,
but unfortunately,
it was so realistic.
there was one fatality,
which is a horrendous reality,
the other one, almost too close
to his last dose of life.
It's a most gross tragedy
and the causing of not just
another casualty

He's in critical condition...
the recognition of an omission position,
another heartless aggravation,
another doleful frustration,
It's the total degradation
of the worst accursed - situation.

But yet,
It doesn't matter if it was --
the black on black kind
or - a pure hate crime

because it's all pure hate -
that permeates and segregates
just like a thick black fog,
to be catalogued by the morning in someone's
hateful, unfaithful - blog,

and then we all - just simply move on.

They say they were the bullies.
But - no kidding to the decision
that they were the bullies,
because -
they are never fully or duly
truthful of -- just how brutal and unfruitful
all bullying - truly is.
It's alive and it still thrives
on hate and lies,
and it connives and it derives
from fists that jab with knives
taking with it -
our own children's lives.

But what we all need to do
is decide:


"Is all hope - now, just another
ruined conclusion,
where all mothers scream
and are STUCK in a nightmarish daydream?

It's a cacophonous theme,
that is so very un- serene.

It's like a symphony conducted by tragedy
where actually and gradually
all mothers - wither and quiver
just from living and being with bitter.
We don't get to be quitters
of always living and being with bitter,
because as mothers
we just can't simplify
the cantankerous, thankless of - why,

and there is always

a why, of a why, of the why,

and we don't face the underlie
of the dying of the try.


It may be needless this way,

but it is not needless to say,

that we all look to the day

when there will finally be,

no more...why's,
no more cries,
no more sighs

and just no more


Poets Choice 3 contest entry


Thanks to Pintrest for use of the picture.

Below is the article about the actual stabbing that occurred. The pictures of the news article did not copy. To see the photos of the three children involved, you will have to google this report. This information is included in the below Daily News report.

Bronx school stabber says he didn't mean to kill his bully: 'I guess I just snapped'
Updated: Friday, September 29, 2017, 2:52 PM

Cedeno insisted he was the victim of bullying before lashing out at Ariane Laboy (l.), 16, and Matthew McRee (r.), 15.
Family friends claim Cedeno was the target of ethnic and anti-gay slurs since the school year began three weeks ago. But police said neither of the youths stabbed Wednesday had any prior beef with Cedeno.

I will hold their memory in my heart, Cedeno said of McRee, who died shortly after the stabbing, and Laboy, who remained hospitalized.
Cedeno, who identifies as bisexual, wore a gray jumpsuit as he answered questions about the first slaying inside a city school since 1993.
At one point, he removed his glasses and wiped at his eyes.
The accused killer said he was unsure if the stabbing incident really happened after he walked into the school principal office and surrendered the knife.
"I was having a panic attack," he said.

Cedeno, who bought the switchblade online about two weeks prior to the bloody school stabbing spree, insisted that he made the purchase to protect myself.

He was arrested after stabbing McRee and Laboy during a history class at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in East Tremont, cops said.
Cedeno recounted a somewhat rootless life, bouncing between homes and a shelter in Queens and the Bronx and attending at least seven different schools over the years.
This was his fifth year at the Zoo School, where he was repeating the 12th grade.
Though classes only started on Sept. 7, Cedeno estimated he had already missed 10 days. His father is also battling lung cancer, and his mom remains trapped in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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