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A whole different world unleashed by a delicious treat.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

by April621

Part 1: The Object on the Keyboard
Clicking on the keyboard I zoom into myself looking at how normal I look. How proud at this moment looking professional in my glass office, gave me great joy. I type away on my big computer inputting algorithms and receiving solutions at a fraction of the time I would do it by hand. It was effective and better.
Around three o'clock like always I feel the need to get up and go to the bathroom. It's an appropriate time as well because the Mr. Hendricks my boss has reviewed my work for the day as adequate. I push back on my rolling chair and stand up straightly pushing down on my appropriate skirt.
Returning back to my chair I sit and as I begin to re-position my hands I see an item at the top of my keyboard with a note that reads "eat me". I looked around the room confused at who could've possibly done this or where this object may have come from, but I didn't regard it any longer and threw it into the bin of trash.

Part 2: The Object Again
I walk into work again constantly rubbing down on my skirt fixing it appropriately.
All ladies look professional.
As I walk past the glass walls that boxed my office I pull out my chair, sit and see the object again on my keyboard with the note that read "eat me". I was the first in the office everyday, the rest of the office was empty. Furrowing my eyebrows deeply I stare at the strange object. It's a light brown circle with even darker brown smaller circles scattered all over the bigger one. It smells sweet and mysterious.
It won't hurt to eat something that reads explicitly "eat me" right? Otherwise why would anyone write "eat me"? It'd be unethical
The smell was powering and the curiosity pulled me into it's bait as it hooked me out of the water.
Not questioning it further I pick up the object with my pointer and thumb finger and insert the cookie into my mouth. After the first bite I taste the most wondrous flavors. A mixture of soft, crunchy, and gooey textures tsunami over my entire mouth. The smaller dark brown circles were the soft areas with a smooth taste and the bigger circle was firm and sugary. The two together were..were.. What were they? How could I possibly describe this object? There are no words, they don't exist but I feel--
"Goodmorning Monica", Mr. Hendricks entered
I hid the cookie below my desk, "Good Morning Mr. Hendricks, how are you on this sunny day?"
Wait what word is cookie, how do I know that word?
"Quite adequate, how are you?" He asked such a simple question that requested a simple answer, but I couldn't help myself but feel like there was possibly more to say. I couldn't form what I felt into words so I uttered, "Adequate as well Mr. Hendricks" I smiled until he left.
The clock read three o'clock and I push my chair back to go to the bathroom. I'm confident that my work has reflected an appropriate time to take an approximate seven minute and twenty second break. I push down onto my skirt pushing out the folds making it look lady like again.
I couldn't stop thinking about the bizarre word, cookie. Perhaps it was what the object was. I could taste the exquisite chocolate on my tongue even though I had ate the cookie about six hours ago. Wait chocolate..what is chocolate.
I must not be feeling well.
I returned to my office, past the glass walls and saw the cookie once again on my keyboard. It had the same note with it, "eat me". I didn't mean to do it, but I closed the door of my office to allow myself some privacy. It was very unethical, trust is our motto here in Unit; I was curious, and for some reason I couldn't help it.
I knew in my mind that new and strange things were against the ethical law. New and strange things are against ethical law; In Unit we believe. So many times I've repeated the same rule until it stuck and now I couldn't seem to remember why I repeated it so much.
Sitting down in my chair I pick up the cookie and insert it once again in my mouth, but this time I saw a flash of light in a color that invited warmth, I smelled fresh...bread, and saw a white smile. It was the most spectacular vision I've ever experienced. The unknown feelings overwhelmed me to the point of the cookie tasting overpowering. I spit out the sugary sphere into the bin next to me shocked at what I had just felt.

It kept happening everyday. I'd come into work, see the cookie on my keyboard, and take a bite. And every time a new vision. Once I went exceedingly fast on a machine called a bicycle down a very steep hill. Another time I saw myself on a floating boat across the blue seas of the pacific. They all had different colors, smells, textures, feelings, and I could feel every one of them. It was the strangest thing in my life, but the most amazing thing in my life. I knew what the colors red, blue, orange, yellow, and green were. I knew how to tell a lie, how to recognize a joke, how to appreciate nature, and how to feel emotions. Emotions like happiness, excitement, sadness, anger. They moved through me like a chill runs through my body. One day I experienced love. A very powering emotion that took over my instincts. It was in the middle of the fall, under a giant tree as I was kissing a man. A stranger to me, but I knew in my heart that I was in love with him. What a ridiculous, but wonderful thing isn't it? Having feelings for someone you don't know, but know so well. Not only did I experience love, but I could taste foods I've have never heard of before. I tasted spaghetti, burritos, donuts, pizza, and ...cookies.
Cookies. Who did leave this cookie here? Why did they leave it here? Why did they choose to give it to me? As far as I know nobody else knows. I never told anyone, afraid they would report me to the council of Unit and have me detained for breaking ethical law. What was happening was a right thing disguised as wrong.
I've been stupid. How could I forget everything I grew up with. The Ethical Laws of Unit. All ladies look professional as Men must make sure a woman looks professional. New and strange things are against ethical law; In Unit we believe. I'll be casted out with the rest of the outcasts, I cannot afford to lose my job; I must end this now.

On Monday morning I went into my office and saw the same routine. The cookie with the note. Only this time I was no longer allowing myself to be foolish; I threw the cookie into the trash bin and began my work.

Part Three: Man from His Own Memory
At three o'clock I went to the bathroom again. I had noticed that I didn't pat down my skirt to the smoothness a "lady" should have. It was absurd that a lady would have to feel the need to always be proper for someone other than herself. We are to be shown the uttermost respect.
Wait, no, no, no, no, that was the cookie speaking not Unit. All ladies look professional as Men must make sure a woman looks professional. I pushed down on my skirt firmly and entered the bathroom.
Seven minutes and twenty seconds later I entered my office to find a man standing by my window. From the jacket and posture I assumed it was my boss, Mr. Hendricks.
"Oh- hello sir, did you come to review my algorithms? I have the utmost confidence that you will find my work quite adequate", I held my hands behind my back and straightened my back.
"No", said the scruffy voice. A stranger turned around slowly facing towards me with blue beady eyes, "I'm sure I will not find your work adequate, you've been distracted by the memories of beautiful past", he finished the last few words in a high pitched tone that made me feel uneasy.
I stood in shock seeing his face, it was a welcoming unfamiliar face. I felt something within me rising as if I've felt something there before.
"W-who are you?"
He chuckled, "Ouch, I know it was a transmitted memory, but I thought the kiss would've been quite memorable", he walked toward my desk and plopped himself onto my chair.
Stumbling backwards I shut the door of my office and let the memory rush back in. A flash of orange, smell of crisp leaves, and the man...the man I experienced Love with.
"Fall, you were the man under the large tree in fall..", I stumbled on my words shocked. How could a memory possibly become true
"Yes, yes I am. I am Fall", he smiled crookedly and shifted his head slightly in a cocky way.
"Wait your name is fall? I am sorry I do not understand. This is all too much for me to comprehend .How did you get here why do I feel this--
"Listen I came here to explain and tell some of your story and my story. How we came to meet on this day. So let me say what I have to say before you get even more confused", he stood up and straightened out his black jacket, "My name is Fall, Fall Reaves. I am an outcast-
"Listen first and then you may say anything you want just let me talk first, all right?"
I straightened myself, pushed down on my skirt, hugged my hands together, and listened.
He began to pace back and forth across the room speaking in a low voice,"As I was saying...The attack from the units killed half of the outcasts to prevent any overthrowing of governments so and so on. And because your people were so remorseful, to the point of depression and suicide, for killing the outcast people they decided to get rid of a pesky little thing called memory of emotion. Memory of emotion meaning anything that gave you tickling little butterflies, heavyweights on your shoulders, heart pumping, feeling in your fingertips, so on and so on all gone. How they did it we still don't understand, but the only thing we can understand is that we may interfere with it. Now the first step was to understand how you worked; So I decided to observe you", he stopped in the middle of the office and stared at me.
Instead my eyebrows furrowed, my lips narrowed, and my body fell numbly into confusion.
"Now wait a minute, I'm not going to hurt you. Don't be afraid okay, I'm not some creepy stalker..well not in a way where it was for no reason you know. Anyway that's beside the point. Let me explain", he began to pace the room again, "So I observed you for months and thought to myself what is something that can help you wake up? Make you feel the weight on your shoulders, the butterflies, the tingling at the tip of your fingertips, how? But you units are so routine all the time; Polite, obedient, and frankly very boring that I figured it would be a difficult task. Then I remembered from my memory of emotion I loved eating my mother's chocolate chip cookies".
The first string of emotion, the cookie on my desk for the past months, I thought.
He stopped for a moment and stared into his palm as if he can feel and smell the cookie in his hand, "She'd make them for me every weekend. So I thought why not give it a try, why not share something that contains meaning into a cookie and give it to a unit. See what happens just for fun. Either way you'd still see the cookie and not know what it was, but it was worth a try, right", he plopped himself again in my chair at my desk.
"Though the first time I tried, you threw it away. I thought my idea totally blew, but I didn't lose my hope. It's not like I had anything better to do or somewhere to be. So I baked thirty two cookies that following morning just to get the perfect one. The one that would make you feel something", he leaped up out of the chair, "Oh, but wait that's not even the best part".
"I met someone along the way, Dr. Crew. An outcast that survived the attack; He gave me this", he pulled a syringe from his pocket that glowed like the light bulbs we have here in the office, "it's called pneumatic. A way to share memories with someone else. I have no idea how it works, but all he told me was to put it into the cookie mixture; So I did and guess ate the cookie. I inserted a memory that is even foggy to me, but it was when I was a little boy in a bakery where my ma use to work. She'd bake fresh bread every morning and give me a chocolate chip cookie from the fresh batch", he stood again in silence lost in a far off planet.
"So!", he shouted, "little by little I shared my memories with you. Some of the beautiful ones, sad ones, exciting ones, lovely ones, and most of all the bright ones. I'd watch how you'd react and it gave me great joy. I started to feel like I could finally meet you; Since the first time I saw you eat the cookie, I wanted to introduce myself to offer you more cookies. Then after weeks of eating them you suddenly stopped. You were about to, but something stopped you; I thought you were enjoying them..I didn't think you would stop. What made you stop?"
I blinked rapidly unable to bring myself to speak. It had been several minutes before I had spoken; In the moment I could only think about what I was listening to. I never thought about how I would react after he finished or what I would say. My mind drew a blank and all I could come up with was "I do not understand", "I should get back to work". Nothing in my entire existence could've prepared for something like this. There was no doubt in my mind that he was telling the truth. After all I did feel, see, taste, touch and walk in those experiences. I felt the water splash on my face, I felt the soft kiss under the fall tree, and I tasted the sweet savory chocolate chips on my tongue. I didn't know what to say before, but it became clear.
"I want...more", I told myself that it was against ethical law, but the feelings, description words, and something else started to pool up inside of me, "I would like some more cookies, I stopped because it was against Unit Ethical Law, but those cookies gave me something unlike anything I could ever imagine. I now realize my mistake and how foolish of me it was. So now Fall, I ask...give me more".
He chuckled, "Very well", he said, "if you'll follow me".
He led me outside of the office where everyone was gone. I looked around to the empty cubicles wondering where everyone ran off to. Not questioning it any further and hoping for the best I followed behind fall ready to feel everything the world had to offer.
"My name is Monica by the way".

I know this story is a bit goofy and random, but I'm proud about the idea behind it.
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