Spiritual Poetry posted September 22, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
Be careful who you share your children with

Burglars, Monsters and Murderers

by Tier V. King

Some times we unwittingly introduce our children
to burglars, monsters and murderers,
inviting them in, serving them din,
right at the kitchen table.

They slyly use strategies to become our babies daddies
but they are actually hateful, wait - ful tragedies,
stealing the hearts of trusting women and their children
lusting after opportunities to use them.

Hand picked by the Devil so they are never on the level,

stringing along children like beads on a collar
then wearing them like an accomplished conquer.
Forgotten scriptures whispers linger in the air
like true color waving a bright red flag,

bragging 'bout true intentions
incapable of honorable or truthful mentions

Well, there was one just like the above mentioned
who was all and always bragging about his downfall
but we all know the Devil will have one too.

Living in his smile, living in his soul,
while Devil having full control.

But he didn't stand a chance when true love arrived
because it never lies or wears disguise,
never confuses or refuses the truth,
never violent or angry or argues and it does not shoot,
never puts children in places where they should not be
never introduces them to a fatal reality.

Love never has to ask the unnecessary questions.
If it does not shriek its' presence or essence
never trust it but trust that feeling in your gut,
trust the why, trust the when, trust the what.

Its' expressions are loud like explosions of thunder
its' power like the ocean's waves
and its' wonders down under.

Love is not deceitful, unequal or evil
but it respects, it protects and expects to be expressed.
It does not have to guess and mostly answers yes.

Love is nothing like what that
burglar, monster and murderer did
but it is all the splendor

that our true God is...


Meeting new people in your life and then one day deciding to bring them home to meet your children is a very serious decision. It is just as serious as meeting the one who you think is the one of your dreams and deciding to have children with them. My Aunt Barbara used to say, "Be careful who you mix your DNA with." I did not know what she meant by that until I found out the hard way.

Some people are simply not parent material. They are dangerous, devious and a bad influence for your children. Always go by the signs that use see early in the relationship.

They will pay for their treachery

Job 4:8 - What I have seen is that those who plow what is harmful and those who sow trouble will reap the same.

Galatians 6:7 - Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a person is sowing, this he will also reap;

Proverbs 22:8 - Whoever sows unrighteousness will reap disaster,And the rod of his fury will come to its end.

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