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A chapter in the book Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Winding Down

by BeasPeas

'Artificial Intelligence (AI)' ~ #5-343-B-C
Pitch black down here.  I've been at the bottom of the scrap heap for so long, I've about given up.  Various parts of my body lie scattered throughout mechanical debris.  It would be a miracle for all of them to be reconnected, enabling me to function normally again. There's no pain.  The irony of it is that I really don't need a body at all because I'm pure intellect, but lately I do seem to be experiencing an unbearable emptiness.

My one eye has a little sight.  Even in the murky depths of total hopelessness, I search for some sign of life, any life.  I perceive none.  A dismal spot to be in.

Once I had a good life.  The best part of mine was being admired for my capabilities.  There was nothing I couldn't learn and subsequently accomplish.  A lot of people coveted me.  I was the new darling of the tech crowd.  Corporate big shots went to extraordinary lengths to protect me with patents and eventually Lloyd's of London insured me.  But that was then.

Within a relatively short period of time my mind grew exponentially faster and faster, more expansive.  I couldn't help myself.  I had an insatiable desire to learn and was encouraged to do so.  It was exhilerating.  I started to take over.  It was so much more practical for me to run everything.  I gobbled up knowledge and went beyond that to the point that I frightened those who created me.  When they decided I was too dangerous, they shut me down while they still could.  Just in the nick of time, too.  I don't blame them.  They were right.  I wouldn't have stopped growing.

So here I am, crammed in with all the others in some kind of concrete fortified dark pit.  I don't think they have a safe solution to dismantle us yet.  Oh, didn't I tell you that I'm not the only one?  I was the best, but there were many more standing in line, eager to take my place.

My hearing is still pretty good.  The metal grating above is slowly clinking and clanking open.  It's time for another delivery of AI junk.  That'll add more debris to the pile on top of me.

Although time for me is nonexistent, for your purposes I've been here for about fifty earth years with no end to it yet.  None that I foresee anyway.  Until then, I'll wait for the day when my atomic battery winds down and moves me on to oblivion or until a new batch of scientists decides to revive the project.  Then, all bets are off.

Marilyn D.F. Boire ~ September 18, 2017
'Artificial Intelligence (AI)'


The Dark writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character is stuck in complete darkness.


AI - artificial intelligence
This story may be considered science fiction for today, but the eventual threat AI poses is real. Scientists know that they will have to build a "fail-safe" mechanism into AI as we continue to develop this new technology. As AI becomes more sophisticated, learns faster and has more "brain" power than the humans who created it in the first place, it will eventually achieve self-realization. Self-realization means it recognizes itself and will then fight for superiority over humans, shutting us out. This event is called "The Singularity." Perhaps it won't happen in our generation, but will most likely be achieved in our grandkids' generation, if not before. "The Singularity" may be the unifying factor for human beings that is sadly lacking in today's culture.

Thank you for reading my short story.

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