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Sonnet Poetry contest entry

Dearest Scotty

by Thal1959

Compare his beauty to a winter's day,
with warming eyes and smile upon his face,
like winter's chill which takes it all away,
the troubled years put sorrow in its place.

He was the Little Rascal ever sweet,
unflappable, his innocence in part,
grew bountiful like waves of golden wheat,
gave joyous bread to feed the yearning heart.

But unlike winter yielding to the spring,
the errors of adulthood took their toll,
those wounded weepings left their bitter sting,
his early passing - grieving hearts condole.

The man called Scott who died at thirty-eight,
was not the boy who entered Heaven's gate.

Sonnet Poetry Contest contest entry


Who says a sonnet has to be written to a woman's beauty? This one is for one of the most beautiful little boys that ever lived, who tragically had a troubled adult life.

Scotty Beckett was an adorable member of the "Little Rascals" film productions. By the age of 14, he had 70 film appearances to his credit. Later, In 1954, Scotty was cast as Winky, the comic sidekick in the popular TV show Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. Beckett was fired from the series after he was arrested on a concealed weapons charge and for passing a bad check. According to actor Jimmy Lydon who appeared with Beckett in the Gasoline Alley films and also replaced Beckett after he was fired from Rocky Jones, Beckett earned a bad reputation due to his excessive drinking. Lydon also claimed that Beckett made many enemies because he gambled frequently but refused to pay his gambling debts or repay money that was loaned to him. After being fired from Rocky Jones, Beckett made only a few subsequent TV and film appearances, before leaving show business forever.

After more or less giving up show business, Beckett tried selling real estate, then cars, and twice enrolled at universities with the intention of becoming a medical doctor. He was also arrested several times for drunkenness, drunk driving, drug possession and passing bad checks. On August 18, 1959, he sustained a broken hip and a skull fracture after crashing his car into a tree while driving in West Los Angeles. Actor Jimmy Lydon claimed that the accident left Beckett severely disabled and he had to utilize a wheelchair and crutches for the remainder of his life. In 1962, he attempted suicide after a heavy drinking binge.

On May 8, 1968, Beckett checked into a Los Angeles nursing home to seek medical attention after suffering a serious beating (the circumstances surrounding the beating were never made clear). He was found dead in his bed in his room on May 10. He was 38 years old. A note and pills were found, but the Los Angeles County coroner stated that an exact cause of death was unknown despite the fact that an autopsy had been performed. While no official cause of death has been listed, various media reports state that Beckett either overdosed on barbiturates or died as a result of the beating.

Going from the adorable Scotty of Little Rascals fame, to the unhappy man who died half-crippled and prematurely, is considered by many as one of the saddest Hollywood stories matching, if not exceeding, the sorrowful life and death of child actor Bobby Driscoll.
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