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A chapter in the book Let's Laugh 5

You Can't Trust Words

by Barb Hensongispsaca

You just can't trust those words today...
like 'way' and 'weigh' and even 'whey'.
They sound alike but spellings 'pique',
like 'peke' and 'peak', and then there's 'peek'.

So when you want a word to 'praise',
there's 'prase' and 'prays', and smaller 'preys'.
Now get a pen and start to 'write'
'bout 'rite', and 'wright', and being 'right'.

You know that you can just stand 'by',
or you could 'buy', or 'bye', or 'bi'.
There's 'due' and 'dew' or you can 'do';
and 'ewe', and 'yew' and always 'you'.

I row with 'oars', 'or' look for 'ore';
'for' travelin' time 'fore' ten -to-'four'.
I'm really 'fat', but 'your' 'phat' 'gait'
shows 'you're' no 'knight' at 'nights' dark 'gate'.

(whew, did you get that last one?)

So now you see words are a pain...
what do they mean when used again?

You Just Can't Trust Words writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a rhyming poem to prove, logically, that American/English words don't make sense.

100 to 150 words.
No sound, animation, or other special effects of any kind permitted. No signature visual, or other tip-off that identifies you.
Only one illustration (optional).
Select one font and one color, only from FS basic and advanced editors.
No author's notes.

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146 words
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