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Angel poem contest entry

The Vagabond Seraph

by Thal1959

Angel poetry contest Contest Winner 
There came through Evertown,
a blond haired, blue-eyed lad,
eleven years in age,
his face, a frown it had.

For he saw a teacher,
a lovely little lass,
discipline her students,
who wished not be in her class.

Then, he saw a preacher,
a sermon he'd compose,
to save the souls of sinners,
adorned in costly clothes.

Saw he a business man,
profit from his teachers,
but profit had no time,
to listen to the preachers.

In a far off battlefield,
whose soldiers did employ,
a knack for killing souls,
never noticing the boy.

Not one had time to see,
nor ever even cared,
to notice the little boy,
or the ways they all had shared.

When all of them had passed,
it was time for them to say,
before the throne of God,
why they lived their way.

Confession was not easy,
for God had used His spy,
now in His sinless presence,
they couldn't tell a lie.

The teacher spoke of learning;
each child to educate,
worked long and hard each day;
their minds to elevate.

The preacher gave a sermon,
of the kindness that he gave,
in all his tireless ways,
for people's souls to save.

The businessman was proud,
to speak what he had done,
how ardently he worked,
making jobs for everyone.

The soldier was the last,
to tell of bloody days,
and valor he had won,
fighting those of evil ways.

But the Lord was not deceived,
knowing all beneath the sun,
yes, they spoke the truth - but;
only the good that they had done.

Then stood before the throne,
a blond haired, blue-eyed boy,
a Seraph of the Lord,
the spy the Lord deployed.

He spoke of how the teacher,
employed such discipline,
that all her students suffered,
in anger and chagrin.

The preacher, said the boy,
bought all he could afford,
with all the money earned,
selling the word of the Lord.

The businessman was next,
squashing competition,
boasted of successes,
yet never made contrition.

The soldier, last again,
to hear what that boy saw -
how he kept on killing,
when ordered to withdraw.

Then came the time of judgement,
and all feared His contemn,
bowed their heads in shame
- with dread to be condemned.

The Lord then asked the boy,
his angel Seraph spy,
if any should He acquit,
or by second death; should die!

The boy just then replied,
forgive them - through and through.
Like the ones who nailed Thee,
they know not what they do.

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