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by Michaelk

To my Fanstory friends. It’s been nearly three years since I first started on Fanstory. Where has the time gone? I re-read my first review that I gave and the first that I received. I was surprised to find that over nearly three years I had given over 2,300 reviews and received over 2,600.
In all honesty, I joined Fanstory with the idea that I might be ‘Discovered’ by a publisher and it would lead to bigger things. However, instead of being discovered, I was trained to write better, to review better, and how to deal with negative reviews. Everything about Fanstory was a learning experience, and an invaluable one at that. I wouldn’t be the writer I am today without Fanstory and several of its members. They taught me, encouraged me, mentored me, pushed me to do more and better. Without their help, this post would not exist today.
Most notably is Dean Kuch for encouraging me to write flash fiction and for showing me that presentation can be just as important as content.
Linda Engle for being encouraging and convincing me that I really could scare people.
Mike Battaglia for being the biggest push in the back, kick in the ass of anybody. He pushed me to write better and started me down the path of self-publishing.
Razaz3l for showing me what an epic sci-fi/fantasy novel can be, and how it can be built chapter by chapter.
Michael Cahill for being supportive, encouraging, helpful, and watching his writing grow and mature at the same time mine did.  
Mark Valentine for showing me how good everyday humor can be.
Tom Ens for putting up with all of my suggestions and complaints. For answering all of my questions as patiently as possible, and for bending over backwards to help me get into the Horror Writers Association.
There are so many more that this post would be its own novel if I mentioned them all. Everyone who reviewed any of my stories and especially my current novel, I deeply appreciate all your encouragement, help, and patience.
I know I haven’t been on the site regularly for a while, at least not nearly as much as I was the first year and a half. The reason is putting together my short stories and releasing them on amazon, working on my youtube channel, my website, my blog, but mostly finishing and editing my novel, in short, trying to do as much as I can to be a successful author and giving my books the best chance to succeed.
I’ll probably never be as involved with Fanstory as I was in that first year and a half, but I didn’t want to just disappear like I’ve seen many others do. You people are my friends and I owe you a debt for all of your help. I wouldn’t be the writer I am without you.
And now I’m going to ask for your help once more. My debut novel is being released on Sept. 13th by Wordcrafts Press. Those who have been here for a while may recognize the name ‘One on one’, however through over a year of editing and revising I would hope it has become much more polished.
Views, reviews, likes, subscribes, shares, these are the lifeblood of books, videos, and blogs. Reviews on amazon are especially important. Unlike Fanstory, it is the quantity of reviews that matter more than the quality. Any help you can give in any or all of these avenues is greatly appreciated. The higher number of reviews on amazon, the more chance my books will take off and start to sell on their own.
I heard the analogy once that selling your own book on amazon is like posting a for sale sign in the front yard of your house in the middle of nowhere. No one is going to see it. Visibility comes from reviews. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a few lines about how you liked or disliked the book, how it made you feel, what your favorite and least favorite moment was.  
I would also like to use portions of reviews that I’ve received over the years as quotes for my blurbs in selling my books. If anyone objects to having their review used in this way, please let me know, either in a review or by DM.
Here’s hoping that things will go well and I’ll be able to quit my day job to focus only on writing. If that happens, who knows, I may be able to hang around Fanstory a lot more often.
Here are my links:
‘One on one’ (amazon): http://amzn.to/2eyJTec
‘One on one’ (smashwords): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/743992
My website: http://mikesimages4.wixsite.com/michaelkelso
My blog: https://michael-kelso.com
My facebook page: â??https://www.facebook.com/mikeswritings/


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