General Poetry posted August 29, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
From serious to somewhat silly to surprise.

The Scarlett Pearl

by Thal1959

A tale long forgotten, from centuries ago,
in a faraway place where pirates did go,
shall be reawakened and offered to you,
of fanciful Captains, but not of their crew.

This tale from the ether; we'll give it a whirl,
tells of the treasure ship - the royal Scarlett Pearl.
Pummeled by cannon fire, her broadsides were slammed,
by ravaging pirates of the Brotherhood of the Damned!

Though her Captain and crew had all perished on deck,
her vast treasures below still gloried the wreck.
The various Captains had used semaphore;
that only the Captains would board and explore.

But the Captains were not very pleased or elated,
for most of the booty was merely gold-plated.
But joyousness returned in them for a visit,
for they found a necklace of emeralds exquisite!

Now these pirate Captains were both daft and dandy,
agreed to a council to divide the green candy.
Their counsel and arguing was certain to fail,
so the emeralds were draped on a belaying pin rail.

A calm, serene Captain in a green brocade coat,
offered to stand guard, as they tramped 'bout the boat,
arguing, bargaining - each with their own kind,
hoping a treaty, each Captain would sign.

Did I mention these pirates were both daft and dandy?
Adorned in flashy raiments and knick-knacks handy.
Though it may seem bizarre, if not quite absurd,
all of those Captains - on a shoulder - bore a bird.

Several rough and tough ones; unlikely to squawk,
bore on their shoulders an eagle or a hawk.
Several more, who had wore, large rings of fine carats,
hoisted on their shoulders traditional parrots.

Now two female Captains - for lusts, were unstirred,
bore on their shoulders a Bali Myna bird.
And two dainty Captains with pretty knee socks,
bore on their shoulder pads, lovely Peacocks!

As the quarreling lingered, each group scattered about,
while the rough and the tough ones, stayed topside to shout.
The parrotted Captains thought the rum locker best,
the ladies went aloft to caw in the crow's nest.

And there you now have it, as the end did unfurl,
the curious fate of the royal Scarlett Pearl.

The ladies in the crow's nest - were reminiscing,
the boozers in the bilge - were singing and pissing,
the queers in the cabin - were hugging and kissing,
the rough ones on the decks - were brawling and hissing.

Through the bumps and contusions, and all the confusions,
no one had noticed that the emeralds went missing!
You'd think they'd have figured that the smarter and bolder,
was the calm, serene Captain with the owl on his shoulder.

Poets Choice II-No Disqualification contest entry

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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