Fantasy Fiction posted August 21, 2017

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The door to perception is as real as your own hallucination

Twilight Zone

by Auto-Manic

A Door Contest Winner 

Dave was watching old re-runs of Rod Searling's 'Twilight Zone'. He had never noticed a door there before. The big eye was always there, and Rod, explaining and giving reason to the black and white episode he'd just watched, but the door...where the hell did that come from?

All the things the mind can perceive, and all those we just shut out, like the door. But not Rod. There he was, black suite, skinny black tie, smoking a cigarette, just another adventure into, The Twilight Zone.

How many episodes had he watched back-to-back in this marathon? And what's up with the damn door? The mirror shattering, with all the rest swirling around was redundant before each episode with Rod's quick dialog: and the smoke, curling up like some politically incorrect prop.

The door swung open and swirled into a mesmerizing screw of black and white twists that revolved clockwise; and why was that important? He wondered curiously, would it swirl in the opposite direction below the equator, or if he hung upside down and watched it like a bat, would it swirl the opposite way?

"You've just entered, The Twilight Zone!" Rod said, smirking a tight lipped smile with cigarette burning, curling smoke with every hand gesture.

'Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do' went the theme song, it was time to pee. His stream into the porcelain bowl echoed as the exhaust fan droned continuously. He threw in a scrap of toilet paper then flushed: the toilet paper unfolded and opened like a door as it swirled down the toilet bowl. He was back in time for another episode.

"The things you watch may surprise you," Rod said, "may even constrict your consciousness to see only those things you want. Dave is sitting on the couch, watching what may be only a flight of fantasy. But whose fantasy? Welcome back, Dave, to the Twilight Zone."

Rod's thin-lip smile rolled back to expose a perfect set of white teeth; he took a drag off his cigarette.

And there it was; that God damn door again. Where the hell did it come from? Was it always there and he just never saw it? He picked up the remote control and muted the theme music, after all these episodes it stuck in his head, whether it was on or off. The mirror crashed, the big eye looked around: OK...where's the door? It was just there. Did it swirl out before it opened? Did it finally get sucked into oblivion?

Rod was back, he pointed the remote and un-muted the sound.

"Somewhere in an institution, a man watches old black and white re-runs played out from his own fanciful mind. The door to perception opens and closes, and swirls into oblivion as the weight of reality around him floats in an alternate universe. Is he mad? Is he insane? Or is it the brain's own way of shutting out the nuisance of what may, or may not exist." A close up of Rod Searling's face fills the screen, "Welcome, Dave, to the Twilight Zone!"

Writing Prompt
Write a story that somehow includes the sentence: He had never noticed a door there before. Do not change the sentence.

A Door
Contest Winner

Just because it's an hallucination doesn't mean it's not real, and of course, it also works in the opposite direction. In an opposing universe, Dave is plugged into a Twilight Zone marathon just a little different, where Rod Searling, as opposed to Robert Edward Serling, is comforting Dave in his other worldly re-runs. Lucky he got time.
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