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A Bright Light

by artemis53

I heard a baby cry
one not weak of nature
but of lusty independence
calling out to the world
"See me
and hear my name.
Imprint it within your memory
for I bear greatness."

I held the babe in my arms,
a two am feeding in the dark
within an antiseptic hospital room
'en face'
as he nursed
and his eyes turned... to me
an affirmation that he was
pleased in his place
I was his 'right one', dreamt about

The darkness within my heart
and I knew
I would never be the same

We lived our lives
joined at each hip
as he drained myself of knowledge
he demanded
and knew
I needed to offer him more.

And so the journey went
from seminars to museums we travelled
gleaning more knowledge
than I thought
I could ever comprehend
and filtered it down to a two year old

who dwelled

within the age of twenty.

He knew when my heart broke
deciphered my woe
and with effort encouraged,
my need to be whole
and brought me on back
from the depths of my soul
renewing me

to be
his "Mom'
for at the age of five
he confided.
"You know. I'm a little bit brilliant"
and I answered.
"I think so."

God bless the children
who bring you the light
and usher you through
the deepness of night

and offer you purpose
withstanding the dark
and bring back to you
that sound of a lark
that just as a babe
was once sung in night
that kept you so safe
you'd always 'sleep tight.'

It turned for the best
this child shed forth light
and I still feel our joining
within the dark night.



This is for my eldest Son who just finished His Masters with three little girls and a wonderful Wife that achieved her doctorate studying with a newborn baby tucked beside her. He was my 'Wizard' as well as my teacher. They both just came back from Japan to Gainesville, UF (Go Gators) for their graduation with him taking on his Masters. He drove up from West Palm for my Love's funeral because he didn't want me to be alone and wrapped his down jacket around me at graveside since he didn't want me to be cold. Yeah. We're pretty darned close. BTW. I often took my Sons to the arcades and they watched me entranced as I played every pinball table I could find.
The poem to my next Son will be coming who is my very 'Magic' child.
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