General Fiction posted August 3, 2017

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The Devil plays a long game.

Devil's Game

by Cat Wilson

“You look terrible.  What is wrong?”

“You lied to me!”

“I should by all rights be furious for you daring to call me a liar.”

“You are a liar!”

“I am not, and I resent the implication.  However, just to humor you, how did I lie?”

“You said I’d be rich!”

“Ah, there is the misunderstanding.   I never said any such thing.”

“But you did!  You said you’d give me all of the numbers for the 330 million dollar MegaLotto drawing tonight!”

“So I said, and so I did.”

“But I was supposed to be the only winner!”

“I see.  Let me look at the contract.  No, that is not one of the stipulations, of which you had many.  You did receive all of the numbers, in proper order, even.  It was for tonight’s jackpot.  The numbers were given with time to spare before the ticketing was closed.  Your ticket is perfectly valid.  Need I go on?”

“But… but…”

“But nothing.  I followed the contract to the letter.  You received exactly what I promised.”

“You gave the numbers to a million other people!”

“Not quite.  One of those came up with the numbers without selling his soul.  I see by your silence that you are aggrieved.  I assure you, it was nothing personal.  Getting one million souls for one winning lottery ticket is just good business.  Enjoy your 330 dollars.  And think of it this way -- I also kept my promise that no taxes would be taken out.”

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