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Chapter 15 in Flower Power

A chapter in the book Power of the Flower: Flower Power

Bullying be gone!

by Rasmine

I wrote these to try to teach children how to love themselves through the written word. Hopefully, it's not that silly an idea. I have an MS in education but am too sick right now to teach.
This part was supposed to be in the last Flower Power chapter:

Inside the classroom, all the daislings along with their teacher watched with awe as Flower flew across the cornflower sky. 

All but one … the timid daisling that helped Flower when he dropped the book sat in quiet, sad thought. 

                                                                                                      CHAPTER 14

“Flower Power, I wish you would come to talk with a daisling.  He is troubled.”

The smile that had spread across Flower’s face slowly faded.  A daisling in trouble!  He frowned with concern.

“Did you mean the very quiet student?”

She looked sad and slowly nodded.  “Yes, he seems very sad, and I don’t know why.”

“I could definitely speak with him.  Maybe I should talk with him alone, though.”

“Yes, that is what I was thinking.”  Mrs. Petals grasped Flower Power’s leaves.  “Oh, Flower, that would be great!”
That afternoon Flower flew over to ‘Daisy Quill Elementary School.’  Seed-ling Mow waited for Flower after class. 

Mrs. Petals told him that Flower Power would walk him home.  Flower walked over to the young daisy. 

“Hello, Seed-ling,” he smiled, “how are you?”

“I’m fine, Mr. Flower Power.” He raised his sad eyes to Flower. 

As they walked down the steps of the elementary school, Flower asked, “Seed-ling, is something wrong?  You don’t seem very happy.”

The daisling shrugged his shoulders.  Flower just smiled, he knew he may have to wait for an answer.  Sensei always told him that others would tell him when they were ready to.  

“Want to fly home?”

Seed-ling grinned for the first time since Flower met him.
Flower flew Seed-ling home every day for a week.  On Friday, they stopped at a corner market and Flower purchased two freshly squeezed grass waters. They sat on the grass under an oak.

“Do you know why I am so sad, Mr. Flower Power?”

“I was wondering, but I know you will tell me when you are ready.”

“Well, my dad lost his job and now we can't pay for the patch of land we call home -- so we are homeless.”

Flower closed his eyes tightly.  “I am so sorry, Seed-ling.”

“And my sister is being picked on at school because we can’t afford the styles all the other daislings have.”

“What?”  Flower had to think for a second … styles … clothes.  “Okay, she gets bullied for being different?”

“Yeah.”  He looked down at his drink.  “I don’t want to get bullied, so I try not to say too much.”

Flower closed his eyes again.  He recalled being bullied in school. 
During recess had been the worst time.  He sat by himself, and there were a handful of mean students that would surround him.

“He can fly.”

“Yeah, he thinks he’s a bee!”

“… freak … “

“He’s a daisy, not a bird, duh!”

“He’s so weird!”
Being bullied is not much fun.  He knew what he needed to do.  He would talk to Seed-ling’s class and then his sister’s class about bullying.  If the daislings understood what it is and how it makes another feel bad, maybe it would stop. 
Mrs. Petals welcomed Flower at the class door. 

“Hello, again, Flower.  Thank you, so much.  I can teach and talk to them, but you,” she shook her head, “they love you and will listen to what you say.”

Flower took Mrs. Petal’s outstretched leaf and kissed her on the cheek. 

“The students are waiting eagerly for your arrival.  Last week they wouldn’t stop being polite to each other.”  She smiled. “The practice went on quite a while after you left.”

He grinned as they entered the classroom. 

“Flower Power, Flower Power, Flower Power!” came a chant from the daislings, including Seed-ling, which made Flower very happy.  Seed-ling looked happy, and he was talking to other students and laughing.

“Okay, class, we are going to talk with Flower Power today about bullying.  Here he is.”

The daislings started to chant his name again.  He laughed.  “Okay, please, daislings.”  They wouldn’t simmer down.  Flower Power raised his voice slightly and said, “Please, quiet!”

All the daislings quieted down.  Flower made sure not to smile at that point.  If he did, the daislings would go wild again. There were times when daislings had to be quiet; it was one of those times. 

“Today,” he said in a normal voice, “we will talk about bullying. But, first, let’s talk about why you must be quiet at times.  When should you be quiet?”

“When you’re talking.”

“Yeah, okay.  How about another time?”

“When Mrs. Petals or another teacher is talking.”

Flower nodded at the daisling.  “Good, when is another time?”  He sneaked a peek at the clock and saw he had forty minutes left.  Thing is, this was a teachable moment that could not be overlooked.  He probably wouldn’t be able to finish his lesson on bullying.

“I know,” one little daisling waved his hand wildly, “I know.”

Flower was very pleased to see it was Seed-ling.  “Yes,” he smiled and nodded at him.

“When adults must talk about something very important, like an emergency.”

“And why is that?”

“Because we are young and want to play instead of taking care of an emergency.  So, we got to be quiet so they can hear each other.”

Two little flowers stood up; they weren’t daisies, they were Black-eyed Susans. Flower always thought in terms of 'daislings', but he would change his thinking to include all flowers by calling them 'flowerlings'.

“We would be in the way,” one twin said.

The other twin spoke up, “Because they can move things, and we are too small to do that.”

“Sometimes we can say important things,” the other twin spoke. 

“My sister’s right.  We helped,” she pointed at herself and then her sister, “when my grandmother got sick.”

Flower listened to all of this.  “Yes, you are all correct.  All of you – every one of you,” he looked at Seed-ling, “are very important.  At times, adults need to take charge and talk to each other.  But you all matter.”  He smiled lovingly at the daislings.  “When you can like yourself, bullying isn’t needed.  If you like who you are, why would you need to make someone feel weaker or not as good as you think you are?”

“Let’s do a round with the whole class.  We will say what we like about ourselves.”


At the end of the lesson, Flower left feeling good about himself, and happy to have the daislings say something good about themselves.  As he flew home, he felt like he made a difference.  It was a really great day.



Chapter one: Flower Power saves Rose, his love interest, from being thrown out by her owner. He is hesitant, a bit when asked what he would do to save Rose.
Chapter two: He meets Jay, a blue jay, who laughs at him. He handles this by punching him. Jay sees that he may need some training so he tells him about a golden dragonfly, Goldie, who has some magic.
Chapter three: Flower flies over the pond in search of Goldie. Finally, he discovers her and is invited into her home.
Chapter four: Goldie teaches Flower Power Aikido, and why superheroes don't resort to violence.
Chapter five: (missing chapter--if any of you find it please let me know where in my portfolio it is. Thank you.) Flower Power apologizes to Jay.
Chapter six: Flys back to Goldie for more training.
Chapter seven: Flower Power gets a lesson in not hurting anyone's feelings and why.
Chapter eight: Flower Power learns the lessons of personal hygiene, and keeping your living space clean.
Chapter nine: Flower Power meets Black-eyed Susan's.
Chapter ten: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about why he is a superhero.
Chapter eleven: Sensei Goldie talks with Flower about disabilities.
Chapter twelve: Goldie and Flower part ways. He is done with his lessons and ready to embark on his adventures!
Chapter thirteen: Flower saves a bunch of homes, including his friend Jay's babies, from a strong tornado.
Chapter fourteen: Flower teaches an elementary class about manners.
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