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It Is Still Real


by doggymad

About twenty years ago, a new illness emerged and was labelled as 'Yuppie Flu.' The symptoms were chronic fatigue and muscle pains. The reason for the title was that it seemed to cause problems for younger people, ones that tended to burn the candle at both ends.

People scoffed at those who claimed to suffer from it, declaring it to be an excuse for a day off to cure a hangover. Those afflicted were given little or no sympathy and many were actually accused of causing their own problems. I confess that I was one of those who considered this to be an imaginary illness.

Experience has taught me a bitter lesson. Although I didn't have a diagnosis at the time, I actually had contracted this illness myself. My doctor told me that I was suffering from depression and anxiety, and I thought the pains and aches I had were all part of this condition. I endured almost twenty years of continuous pain and exhaustion before I discovered the cause.

No matter what name is attached to this often debilitating condition, the end result is the same. There are days when I feel great, and others when getting out of the bed is a mammoth task. Sleep is something I grab whenever I can. Some nights I sleep right through, and there are times when I don't sleep at all.

Having said this, I know how lucky I am and that there are many people out there suffering far more than me. I have learned one very important lesson from my experiences however. Just because a person looks well on the outside does not mean that they are not in pain, be it physical or emotional.

The next time somebody snaps at you for something that appears insignificant, stop for a second and think. We can never truly know what they are going through.


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005. It was a relief to know what was wrong with me.

There are many illnesses out there that we cannot see, but they are still very real.

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