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A chapter in the book Family7

I Knew

by Barb Hensongispsaca

I felt so lucky that I found a place to sleep in that abandoned building. I have to be real careful what I look for because I never know who may be sleeping there. Most of the time, homeless just want a place to hide from the elements and the police who just make them move on to another place. There are also those I have to avoid that want to pass the time doing other things.

I was sleeping so soundly, that when I woke with a start, I was sure I was still dreaming. Then, the little goose bumps started to crawl their way up my arms, across my shoulders and met at my spine. I felt a minor shift in the air as the tiny hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood on end. A voice in the recesses of my mind started faint then built as it screamed ... RUN! Cold sweat broke on my forehead as I heard it for the first time - a low guttural growl behind me.

A fear born from survival instinct made me throw myself headlong toward the door, praying that I did not lock it. I heard an unearthly scream that tore at the edges of my sanity as my imagination tried to put a form to the sounds I heard - big, ugly, strong ... mad.

I heard 'it' moving toward me as it seemed to be stumbling over things in its way. As I grabbed the handle, I found the door opened on my first try. Racing through, I did not stop to close the door; then pure fear kept me running, running for my life, as I tore down the hallway to the front of the building.

I finally found my voice as I screamed for help that I knew would not come. I was alone to face my fate. The building had been boarded up. The sign above the window I broke to get in said, "No trespassing. Enter at your own risk."

I bore right, hoping to give myself a few extra steps between me and the thing following me. Running into a room, I slammed the door, locking it as I did. Realizing I was standing in a room with no windows and the darkness was so complete it looked grey, I willed my eyes to adjust while, in the darkness, I started to back away from the door.

The smell of decay was all around, as my feet crunched on lumps on the floor, stirring a stronger aroma of death. Realizing I had forgotten the lighter I had in my jeans pocket, I retrieved it and when I lit the flame, I wished silently that I had not. Scattered on the floor were bones of all sizes, mixed together as if they had been placed in a bag and shaken. A scream gathered in my lungs and died in my throat as I heard a scratching on the other side of the door. Then it screamed again and my bladder let loose. I realized I was trapped in its larder.

With nowhere to go and knowing 'it' would probably break down the door, I knew I had to get rid of my smell. I went to the corner where the freshest kill was laying. While fighting down bile that threatened to erupt, I grabbed rotten flesh and wiped it all over my body. Then I went to the opposite corner where I laid down in a pile of bones, burying myself as best I could. I hoped 'it' would go to the fresh kill and leave me alone.

The door made a strained sound as 'it' tried to come through, then the door splintered and tore loose from the hinges, swinging inward. I realized it was partially covering my body and I slowly tried to move farther behind the door.

The smell was ungodly as it passed through the door. I could hear the grunting sounds as it sniffed the air and I knew it was looking for me. By the faint light of the hallway, I could tell it was big, and hairy with eyes that seemed to shine pure evil. I felt the floor seem to vibrate as it moved into the room. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and willed it to go away.

I could hear crunching sounds coming from the corner as it feasted on ... something. My mind wanted to scream as my sanity traveled a fine line toward its final abyss. All of a sudden, it stood still as if testing the air. I was afraid I had made some kind of sound alerting it to my presence. I was relieved when it started to back out of the room.

I listened as its guttural sounds seemed to be moving away from me and when I was satisfied it was gone, I crawled out from under the bones. I felt my way around the broken door, and moved as quickly as I could toward a broken window I hoped would take me outside.

The fresh air felt good as I inhaled deeply its sweet smell. Then I was running again, screaming for help. That is how I wound up in this place for the insane. No one believed this girl who was covered in blood and gore, ranting about a monster that lived in an abandoned building and ate people.

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Sean T Phlean thank you for permission to use your picture.
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Artwork by Sean T Phelan at FanArtReview.com

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