Horror and Thriller Fiction posted July 14, 2017

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Dead Me is a Ghost?

by Rasmine

I never believed in ghosts, ever.  As I stand here, next to my open casket, watching people cry and lament over my death, I do.  I do because I now am a ghost.  I can and probably will, walk the hallowed chambers of my former mansion and rattle golden chains.  No one can see me! I grin as I look out. 

There is Martial, my thieving partner.  What the hell is he doing here?  He never even liked me!  And my ex-wife, the old battle-axe, is crying alligator tears.  The same stunt which got the judge to award her with half my wealth when we divorced!  My current wife is patting dry eyes.  She is probably dreaming of the will.  Well, I grin again, won’t she be surprised that I left everything I had to St. Peter’s children’s hospital, and a trust for my son.  Then I spot him and my smile fades. 

My son sits alone, not near his jewel-desiring mother, or next to anyone.  He was the one who loved me the most.  I remembered him, and he alone, sitting at my death-side.  Holding the paper with one hand and reading one of his stories to me, he held my other hand.  I would have given all my millions to have one more day with him – just one more hour!  I could say everything I never said before.  I could tell him how proud I am of him, how much I love him...

He’s ten years old and an exceptionally gifted story-teller.  I got him into a prestigious school where the emphasis is on literature and writing.  I hope his mother keeps him in that school.  If she doesn’t, that will be the time for moans, groans, and throwing her bed about.  That would be fun!

Well, I never believed in an afterlife or ghost, but after experiencing traumatic death, I do now!

There's No Such Things as Ghosts writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a story where a skeptic in the supernatural becomes a believer through a terrifying encounter with a ghost.

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