Spiritual Poetry posted June 22, 2017

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A thankful poem to Jehovah God and Jesus Christ

My God, You Were There

by Tier V. King

That day...
after being beaten...
by that man,
miscreant husband,
that one I loved with all my might.
that same one - I always had to fight
but still love right again at night..
That night...
I swore to take his life,
to no longer be his wife...

You were there...

That morning...
that - reached my limit, day of truth,
when I escaped to the top of that roof,
where I found my spot,
where there - I plopped,
there where
puddled teardrops dropped,
those I cried, spilled down my thighs
that were folded to my chest,
and released repressed breath and screamed,

You were there...

I gazed up at the sky through tearful eyes
and desperate asked of, "why?"
"Why should I go on...why not - I just die?"
knowing you were there,
asking if you cared if I dared
to take...my own life...

You were there,

and for some reason, you did care...
You held me,
even though I did not know you held me.
You loved me,
even though I did not know you loved me.
you hugged me and you noticed me.

severely merely, unclear me...
like a speck of sand
in comparison
or in your Holy Hand...
You cleaned my heart of hateful thought.
You saved me and gave me sleep and comfort.

But...you were there...for me,
and I wondered, "What did you see in worthless me?

and yet...it was not only me...you would see...
because I see, that
during those same times
you were also saving others,
during those same times
you were reaching into lives
trying to get them to realize
your so credible existence,
which is as unforgettable
as your consistence and persistence
to reach, to teach, and to answer all beseech.
It is and was inevitable
that some or most would make the un-regrettable
decision to serve you and to finally, spinelessly
love you back, though we could never match
your tremendous, endless, perfect love.

Even your creations are endless acts of love,
like the mountains that stand so grand
but would crumble and fall at your command,
though they are reaching high towards the skies,
as all creation sings your praises and brings
appropriate glory due to your creative ways,

the butterflies, the skies, the trees, the birds, the bees,
the great and roaring seas that own and give a home
to amazing creatures,
though these are only some of the features
of your awesome power and love for all mankind.

As the sun is placed just right upon the sky
so that we do not fry
like a piece of toast

and yet the most
unselfish act of perfect love
is something we as humans
could never be capable of...

The sacrifice of your Son, on our behalf,
was such a selfless act,
and although prophesy revealed
that He would actually feel
and suffer such torture,
through ripped and tore skin,
He would still at will - suffer all,
to release us from our sins,
to give us back again
what perfect Adam lost.

Yes...Jesus proved that perfect man
did not have to force such cost.

and so...
I just wanted to say...
just in case - I forget to when I pray
that I am so grateful that,
in all those times when You saved me,
again and again,
You made me aware of
Your love and Your care
and that You are so ultimately -
just and fair
and that...most of all...
You were there...

So yeah...
I just needed to thank you,
because you were... always there...


This poem was originally written for the "Poem About God" contest but It is about six hundred and twenty words. The word count requirement for that contest is for only two hundred to three hundred words so I would have possibly been disqualified. I am now working on a different poem for that contest. Until then, I hope that you enjoyed this one.

Thank you in advance for your review and rating.
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