Mystery and Crime Script posted June 19, 2017

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A man enters Caleb's life.

The Man - Act XX

by Thomas Bowling

Act XX
Scene VII

Two weeks go by. One day, Bonnie speaks through the door.

Bonnie: Mommy, I wish you weren't so sad. It's really not that bad. I have a friend who comes to see me.

Aleyde: What sort of friend?

Bonnie: A girl. She's older than me and she teaches me lots of stuff. We play games every day. She's lots of fun.

Aleyde: What does your friend look like?

Bonnie: She's beautiful. She glows and sparkles.

Aleyde: Does she have a name?

Bonnie: Yes, her name's Lucy.

Aleyde throws her hands over her face. Thank you, God. Thank you.

Aleyde: Honey. I'm goin' to tell you a story. It's about Lucy and your Daddy.

Aleyde recounts Lucy's story, only the good parts. She tells about all the people she helped and how she healed Caleb.

Aleyde: Lucy is our guardian angel. She comes to us when we need help. That's why she's here now. She's protecting us.

Bonnie: How did Lucy become an angel? Did a bad man hurt her? Is the bad man going to make us angels?

Aleyde: No, honey. God is protecting us.

That night in her room, Aleyde 
prays. Dear Lord, thank You for sending Lucy. Please send her to Caleb, too. I don't believe he's dead. I still feel him in my heart. This time, I'm not gonna say amen. Everthin' I say from now on is a prayer. From that time on, Aleyde feels a new hope. She's at peace now.
-------       -------      -------

The man walks to where Aleyde is sitting.

The Man: Get up. I've got somethin' to say.

Aleyde walks to the kitchen table.

The Man: I feel bad for you. I know you've had it rough, and now, your 
husband's dead. That's gotta be hard on you. I'm gonna do somethin' for you. Your kid can come out now. She's been in there long enough to learn her lesson.

Aleyde runs to the door and throws it open. She and Bonnie rush into each other's arms. Mommy, Lucy said I would see you today.

The Man: Who the hell's Lucy?

Aleyde: Bonnie has an imaginary friend who's been keeping her company.

The Man: Oh, one of those. Well, I guess we all could use an imaginary friend. Listen, you two, I'm 
lettin' Bonnie out, but I don't want any tricks or the kid goes right back, and this time, she won't come out. Understood?

Both girls nod their heads.

The Man: Okay, I've got some new ground rules.

Aleyde: No more rules. I'm not afraid of you anymore. You can't control us any longer. I'm laying down some rules of my own.

The Man takes a step in 
Aleyde's direction.

Aleyde: Rule number 1. No more hittin'. If you ever lay a hand on either of us again, I'll kill you in your sleep. Rule number 2, No more tryin' to intimidate us. Rule number 3, we want our light turned back on. Rule number 4, we want to be able to lock our bedroom door from the inside and take the lock off the outside. Rule number . . .

The Man: That's enough rules. Go to your room. I'll bring a light in.

At the doorway, Aleyde stops.

Aleyde: Honey, you go in and wait for me. I need to talk to this man.

Aleyde returns to the kitchen.

Aleyde: Bonnie and I will cooperate and not cause any trouble, but my husband is coming for us, and don't give me any more of your garbage about you being my husband. When my husband gets here, he's going to kill you. He's a big man, and he's good at finding people. When he finds you, it'll be your last day on earth. You’re 
nothin’ but a scared little man. I know your family died. It happens to lots of people. Get over it.

The Man: My family didn’t just die - I killed them.

Aleyde gasps and runs for Bonnie.

Aleyde: Honey, come here and let me hold you.

Bonnie: Ouch, you’re squeezing me, Mommy.

Aleyde: I’m sorry, honey. Stay right beside me from now on.

Bonnie looks across the room to the corner.

Bonnie: Hi, Lucy. This is my Mommy.

Aleyde: Is Lucy here?

Bonnie: Yes, she's right over there. Can't you see her?

Aleyde looks in the corner, but see's nothing.

Aleyde: Yes, I see her. She's beautiful

As Aleyde speaks, she sees Lucy.

Aleyde: Lucy, is Caleb alright?

Lucy nods, then vanishes.

To be continued:

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