Mystery and Crime Script posted June 19, 2017

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A man enters Caleb's life.

The Man - Act XVIII & XIX

by Thomas Bowling

Scene VIII

Dothan, Lionel, Helen, and several deputies are gathered in the hospital hallway.

Dothan: How the hell did he wind up goin' in there alone?

Lionel: It's my fault Sheriff. I got hung up in traffic and told him to go ahead without me.

Dothan: If Caleb doesn't pull through, I'll have your badge.

Five hours later, Caleb is coming out of surgery. The chief surgeon speaks to the group.

Doctor Elliot: We did all we could. Caleb's lung collapsed. We were able to take care of that. My major concern is that the bullet lodged very close to his aorta. It's too close for me to do anything about it. I'll keep an eye on it. If it moves, I'll have to go back in and run the risk of removing it.

Dothan: What if you can't remove it?

The surgeon shakes his head. Several of Caleb's friend's start weeping as Father 
Pontrain arrives.

Pontrain: I came as soon as I could. I was in Lebeck when I got the news. How's he doin'?

Dothan: The surgeon just talked to us. The news isn't good. Caleb could die.

Pontrain: Let's all go to the chapel.

In the chapel, Father 
Pontrain lights a candle on the altar and holds a prayer service.

Father Pontrain: Heavenly Father, we come to you today, asking for Your help, Please, intervene in Caleb's recovery. He's a good man and he needs you now more than ever. We need to get him back. He's goin' through a personal struggle. Please, don't lay this extra burden on him. Amen.

One by one, the others offer up prayers.

Dothan: Father, have you been in contact with Caleb lately?

Pontrain: Yes, He's been coming to see me often. He's a troubled man. I can't blame him. Who wouldn't be? I pray for him and his family constantly.
-------       -------       -------

The next morning, Lionel lays his badge on Dothan's desk.

Dothan: Put that back on. I talked to some of the fellas who were at the bar. It seems things didn't happen exactly the way you said. They say that Caleb was out of control and that you arrived just after the shooting. What I said to you yesterday was in the spur of the moment. Caleb was in surgery and I was angry. I'm sorry, Lionel. If it wasn't for your quick action, Caleb would be dead. So, put your badge back on, and let's go to work.

Scene VII

The Man: I've got some good news. Your husband was killed yesterday. Now, there's nothin' to stop us from bein' the family we're meant to be.

Aleyde screams and faints.

The Man: I hope you react like that when somebody kills me.

The man throws water in Aleyde's face, and she comes to.

Aleyde: You're lying. I've already said I'll do whatever you want. Why did you say Caleb's dead?

The Man: Because it's true. He was tryin' to break up a bar fight, and he got himself shot.

Aleyde cries uncontrollably.

Aleyde: Go ahead and hit me, you monster. I don't care. My husband's dead.

The Man: You can cry, but no more after today. I'm your husband now. It's time you acted the part. You'll sleep in my bed tonight.

Aleyde: I'll kill myself first. I'll never sleep with you. Never! Never!


The reason why I didn't give the man a name or description is because evil comes in many forms and has many names.
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