Mystery and Crime Script posted June 18, 2017

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A man enters Caleb's life.

The Man - Act XVII

by Thomas Bowling

Scene IV

Lionel: It's been over a month now. I don't think Caleb's ever gonna see his girls again.

Dothan: I'm gonna forget you said that. I don't ever want to hear it again. If you have any more thoughts like that, keep them to yourself.

Lionel: Sure, Dothan. It's just that . . .

Caleb enters the room.

Caleb: Just what? Go on. Finish what you were sayin'.

Lionel: It's nothin', Caleb.

Caleb: Good. Let's keep it that way. If I hear anybody sayin' anythin' negative around here, I'm gonna give ‘em a beatin'.

Lionel's hands shoot up.

Lionel: If anybody says anythin', it won't be me.

Caleb walks out.

Lionel: Whew, that was a close one. Why didn't you tell me he was in the buildin'? Are you tryin' to get me killed? You know what kinda mood he's been in. I'm 
tellin' you, the man is dangerous.

Dothan: Caleb's fine. He just needs some time.

Lionel: I miss our lunches together. I don't think he's ever 
goin' back to the diner. These days, as soon as he gets off work, he drives around town all evenin'.

Dothan: I know. I've seen him. What's a man to do? He's tryin' to find his family. When Caleb first came to town, a family man was the last thing I expected him to be, but after seein' him with Aleyde and Bonnie, it's hard to imagine him any other way.

As Lionel walks into the lobby, Sheriff Dothan takes a phone call. Lionel leans on Helen's Desk.

Helen: Poor Caleb. I can't imagine what he's goin' through.

Lionel: He's sufferin', that's for sure. I've never seen a man suffer like him.

Helen: Sometimes he walks through here like he's livin' a nightmare. I guess he is. It breaks my heart to see him like this.

Lionel: Where is he now?

Helen: Same as always, I imagine. Out drivin' around lookin' for Aleyde and Bonnie. God help that man. I pray for him every night.

Lionel: That's good of you, Helen. Caleb and his family need our prayers.

Dothan: Lionel, come back in here.

Lionel: What's goin' on, Sheriff?

Dothan: There's a big ruckus goin' on at the Stumble Inn. Get ahold of Caleb and see what the hell's goin' on.

Lionel: I'm on my way.

Lionel goes to his car and calls Caleb on the radio.

Lionel: Caleb, there's a fight at the Stumble Inn. Meet me there as soon as you can.

Caleb: I'm just a couple of miles away. I'll be right there. If it's anythin' I need help with, I'll let you know.

Lionel: Wait for me in the parking lot. I'm right behind you. We should go in together. Those boys can get pretty mean.

Caleb ignores the instructions. He jumps out of his cruiser and goes into the bar. There is a full-fledged fight going on. Someone has spilled a drink on Corey Rosen's girlfriend. Caleb walks to the middle of the room and raises his hands.

Caleb: What the hell's goin' on? Wendell, put that chair down!

When Caleb's orders aren't followed quickly enough, he snaps. He grabs Wendell and throws him to the floor. He begins hitting everyone in range. Caleb is out of control. Just as the fight seems to slow down, Wendell Kelly pulls out a pistol and shoots Caleb in the chest.

Lionel is pulling into the parking lot when he hears the gunshot. He runs to the bar and sees everyone gathered around an unconscious Caleb.

Lionel: Oh, my God. No! Caleb, talk to me.

When there's no answer, Lionel runs to his radio.

Lionel: Helen, Caleb's been shot! I need an ambulance at the Stumble Inn right away!

Lionel runs back inside.

Lionel: Clear away! Give some room! Lionel begins administering CPR. Come on, Caleb, don't die on me. Jack, get over here and try to stop the bleedin'.

Wendell Kelly is standing to the side, slack-jawed, still holding his gun.

Lionel: I'll deal with you later. Somebody look outside and wave the EMTs in when you see them.

Lionel: Oh, God, hang in there, Caleb.


The reason why I didn't give the man a name or description is because evil has many names, and comes in many forms.
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