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A chapter in the book Let's Laugh 6

The Wolfbeast's Lair

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Hello, my delicious friends, and welcome to our regular Friday night tasting party at the Wolf beast's Lair. For those that don't know me ...yet ... I am Uncle Wolf Bane, and I just love to welcome new vict ... er ... new members to our lair. Please make yourselves at home.

Tonight I have whipped up something so different that you won't be able to wait to sink your fangs ... er... teeth into. The main dish is soft, smooth, and irresistibly succulent to the palette. I guarantee it is the best tasting liver that has ever crossed your tongue. If liver is not to your fancy, I have also prepared for you a wonderful combination of minced breast and thigh, mixed with diced heart, and seasoned with a clove of squeezed garlic. You will have a thick, rich, blood-red beverage that will pass the back of your throats leaving a taste that will have you howling ... uh ... begging for more. Oh, yes, and for desert, my famous blood pudding, made with a touch of viscous syrup, which was requested at the last meeting.

There will be plenty of raw snacks laying around to sample while we watch tonight's movie - The Night of the Hunted, starring the most famous actor, Bascom Ratliff. He was the only man that could play two parts at the same time and make it seem like he was in two places at once. His leading lady, who was known for her unearthly scream, was played by none other than Kathleen Fairyweather, better known as Kathy Fairy when she was convinced to shorten her name. That is a story for another time.

So grab some snacks, sit back and be ready to have a 'how-w-w-w-l-l-ling' good time. Now, all you little ones, don't be afraid. Uncle Wolf Bane is here to protect you. When you leave here, you will be totally different children. I promise you.


The haunting music starts to play, softly at first, while the actors are presented by name next to the character they are playing. Then the music starts to build while glimpses of a darkened bedroom comes into view as the title appears on the screen ... The Night of the Hunted. Then booming sounds as the volume becomes almost unbearable, when, all of a sudden we see Janet, played by Kathleen, sleeping soundly on the bed. The music stops instantly as her eyes pop open, a scared, confused look on her face. Her make up is immaculate and her hair styled perfectly. We are mesmerized by her look.

As we wonder what has woken her, she sits up and looks around. Then we hear it the same time she does - a bloodcurdling howl. Her hand goes to her mouth as she tries to stifle a scream. Ours does the same.

"Oh, John, my dearest, where are you?" she asks, pleading, as she throws back the covers and rises from the bed.

She realizes the window is open and rushes to close it. As she lowers the window, a scream from the depths of hell makes her retreat to the corner of the room. Another scream, cut off in mid sound, just like the one she heard last night.

Her thoughts go to this morning and the grisly discovery outside her front door.


Welcome back, my tasty friends. We have to break for a commercial, so now is the time to help yourself to some cracklin' munchies as a wonderful lady explains the importance of having nice strong fangs ... oops, I mean teeth. "You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with pepsodent!"

We are back and ready to see what Janet remembers finding on her lawn. So grab some skin cracklin's ... hog of course, and sit back and be ready to be afraid.



We flash into her thoughts as Janet goes out the door, dressed in her long flowing nightgown, that catches the breeze to be swirled around her body as her hair stays perfectly still.

She stops suddenly, her hand to her mouth again. Ours does the same as the camera pans over what was once a body. The clothes are shredded, as well as the underlying skin. There is blood everywhere, along with body parts. The throat has been savagely torn out.

"Oh, no, Uncle George," she yells as she screams and faints on the spot.

We flash forward to the now as Janet cowers in the corner of her room.

Another howl in the distance and she is in tears.

"Dear God, protect me," she pleads, "and send John to me, I need him so much."

She jumps, as do we, as there sounds a knock on the door.

"Who's there?" she says hesitantly, as if the killer is going to knock.

"It's me, my darling, John. Oh, please let me in," he begs.

She runs to the door and flings it open to find John standing there naked and covered in blood.

She backs away, aghast, revulsion showing on her face. The music reaches a mystical, off-key chord as ...


It is I, Uncle Wolf Bane, breaking in for another commercial.

"Are you tired of mowing your lawn the old fashioned way? Is that goat getting too fat and lazy to chew? We have the ideal solution to your problem. It's called a push mower and that is just what it does. You push and it mows. No more stepping in goat poo as you try to take a romantic stroll with your honey. For just $8.50, you can have a sharp machine that will cut grass and any little critters you are fast enough to run down, plus you have the makings for a nice goat dinner. So order today!"

Grab your skin rines ... oh, I mean your pork rines ... and lets get back to the movie. Now don't eat too much, we will be having supper soon.


Janet moves swiftly to the bed to grab a sheet. She rips it off the bed like a magician does with a tablecloth. She hurries to cover John as he collapses to the floor.

"What happened to you, my love?" she asks excitedly.

"I don't know," John said. "I remember going outside last night and looking at the moon. Then I felt dizzy. I don't remember anything else till I woke up in a hay stack looking like this."

"John, I heard a horrible howling during the night, and someone screaming. It was just like when Uncle George was killed," she cried in a panic.

Just then the moon came from behind the clouds. John looked at Janet with such sadness.

"Run, please, hide," he said with a raspy voice as his back arched to the point Janet thought it would break.

"Janet, please, leave me," John ordered her as his hands and feet turned into claws, and his nose started to protrude.

Fangs were showing in his mouth and his eyes became red. The last thing that crossed his conscious mind was confusion. Why didn't she run ... or at least scream?

The moon's glow shined through the window, bathing Janet in its light. Her back arched, her hands and feet turned into claws, her nose began to protrude and fangs were displayed when she howled.

Her speed and strength were more advanced than his and she had him on the ground with her fangs sunk deep into his throat before he could react. As he died, his body reverted back to human as she fed.


Well, that concludes another of Uncle Wolf Bane's adventures from the Wolfbeast's Lair. It is time to eat this delicious supper I have prepared for us. Everyone, dig in.

Oh, by the way. I guess you could say...Never bother a woman when it's her time of life's 'change'. It might cost you your life.

Until next time. Get out there and howl at the moon! Howl like you own it!

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