General Fiction posted May 19, 2017

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Work is tough sometimes. The heart will bring you through.

The Working Heart

by Hansel1

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
Step into the office. Another day of tedious time consumed. Panes surround the front desk and back room to taunt your imprisonment. Cast aside your anxieties; there's only eight hours, and you've work to do. Ideas, strewn through words, exchange.

Passions crawl. Hardly making a sound, they creep through the room unnoticed. So much commotion around. Inattentional blindness. These ideas pass through ear canals and splatter on panes -- again with the taunting. Who knew time consumed could be wasted. These hours remain so.

Ignorance slouches. Your work is good, done THEIR WAY. No room for difference. Brought in to make change, but kept to conform. "Everything you knew was a LIE, WE are telling you truth." Blood boils. You didn't show up for this. This is some shit. Look to the clock.

Aggression stands erect. Ideas fight through the commotion. Be not herd, but HEARD. This is how points get made. Tempers flare and you're made to look the fool. "Don't be so childish." Fuck those people. If you leave things will get better, at least for you. The pane is only glass -- jumping through would bring just temporary. It's worth the eternal happiness.

Presence rests. Give up. Surrender. Not your soul, but your mind. Let go of preconceived notions. What should be, what can be is but worry. Find your center. Straying from your true person is poison. Look at yourself. What you've become is hideous. Re-establish your intent. Except change to make it. Smile - the heart is working.

We sometimes feel unheard at work. This is unfortunate considering how much of our waking hours we spend there. With this comes immense frustration. Remember, when facing obstacles, to gain space, allowing time to fizzle out aggression, passion and ignorance. This will lead to a better you, and a more enjoyable work environment.
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