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My first rant

Do Not Pet

by Bichon

This is an issue that has been bothering me for a while now, people petting dogs without asking. It happens often to Lacey when we're outside, sitting on the grass or even outside a shop. Just because Lacey is sitting next to me, doesn't give someone the right to stomp over making baby noises at Lacey before petting her. If some dog was a service dog, these people would be distracting them from doing whatever job they are trained to do, which would have a big impact on the handler.

What if a blind person is waiting at the traffic lights, and someone reaches down and rubs the dog, distracting them when the light turns green? The dog wouldn't know what to do and an accident is possible. Children, young or old are not an exception to this either. Lacey isn't the fondest of children when they run up to her screaming and begin to pull her hair. Many of the parents don't see anything wrong with this, but what if Lacey bit the child? I doubt she ever would, but there's always a possibility.

Often, a child would not be able to read the vest of a service dog, they'd just wander over, thinking it's an ordinary dog. This is also the parents fault a lot of the time. Speaking of parents fault, I was walking Lacey in the park one morning, she was on her leash and heeling nicely. Out of nowhere, a child began to scream and shout at Lacey, and began to run after her. Lacey could sense that I felt uncomfortable and turned around to face the child that was going to collide into me. She started to bark, a small warning to scare the child off, it didn't work. The child kept on running towards us. Just in that moment, the child's mother, who was sitting on a bench having a chat, realised what was going on and picked up her child. She gave me an awful look before turning around and walking back to the bench. Lacey and I continued on, but I was remained annoyed throughout the day.

And, last but not least, the annoying children who live down the road. These children, aged around six or seven, are constantly asking me the same question.
"Can we pet your dog?"
I have always said no, every single time, but they don't care of course. Instead, they ask can they hold her leash and take her for a walk. My answer remains the same, a firm no. They followed me up to my house, begging outside the door if they can take Lacey for a walk. At this stage, I became very, very annoyed.
"No! She will bite you!"
I growled at the kids. They ran away quickly and I chuckled. Lacey wouldn't bite them, but I think my cat would.

Please don't pet without asking, I think I'll have to have a sign made of it haha
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