Humor Non-Fiction posted April 20, 2017

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Dig, dig, digging


by Bichon

Some dogs love to dig, I guess it's their instinct, you know, wired into them. Probably something in their breeding, I would think that a terrier would dig more than a Pomeranian, but that's not always the case. I get frequent shocked reactions when passerby's notice Lacey's dirty face after she has been on a digging mission. They exclaim how they never thought such a cute dog would mess up their lovely fur. I simply agree but I'm laughing on the inside.

If they spent a day with Lacey they'd be surprised. Our most recent beach trip concluded with us dragging Lacey away from her masterpiece -- the hole she had just dug. She sprawled on the sand and wouldn't budge, determined to guard her creation. I'm still not sure why she was so attached to this particular hole; she had dozens in the garden back at home. Recently we had to plant fresh grass seed in one of her deeper holes under the trampoline, but I'll get to that another time.

Lacey had started digging her sandy place randomly, but she grew more attached than I thought possible. We all laughed when Lacey was on her digging mission, it was quite hilarious. Not the digging itself, but what she did during the process. She stuck her head in the deepest part and start snorting. People must've thought we brought a pig to the beach; for a minute so did I. We got some funny glances while Lacey was having the time of her life; the naked children streaking across the beach got less attention than her. One of them dared to sit in her newly created crater, which she was not pleased about. She kicked sand at their backs and they weren't long moving!

Nobody messes with the our girl.

Our Lacey sure loves to dig. Does your canine like to dig too?
Photo is of Lacey at the beach.
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