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What if George Came Back contest entry

The Wisdom of the Farmer

by Thal1959

What if George Came Back? Contest Winner 

A minor buzz swirled about the populace of the District of Columbia. A tall, slender man; about 6' 1" in height and seemingly near 70 years of age, approached the capitol building wearing the uniform of a Revolutionary War soldier - in fact, a general no less! He bore a striking resemblance to the nation's founding father and first president of the newly formed United States, George Washington! At first, the congenial, rarely smiling gentleman was treated as if in need of psychiatric therapy. But after examining his unfortunate teeth, his ivory dentures, and the fine weave of his brocade coat; more fit for funerary purposes than combat, a DNA test was ordered. In utter amazement, this gentleman, who now openly proclaimed himself as the original George Washington of cherished history, matched all available DNA results obtained from documented descendants!

The inaugural minor buzz mentioned earlier, was now usurped by a nation-wide frenzy of interest, fascination, skepticism, and an abundance of social media chatter heretofore unheard of or imagined! With each new test of the gentleman's character, memory and recollections of life from the early wars to his presidency, an inexplicable acceptance overcame the nation that this was, indeed, George Washington himself! Though he rarely smiled, perhaps because of an unhappy relationship he had with his teeth his whole life, he did display a curious and genteel sense of humor. When taken to an annual auto show in Detroit - passage by airplane - he stepped off the steel bird and, realizing it was true - he really was in Michigan, he merely uttered the quaint expression, "Bless my soul!" When shown what an automobile was, and having been told it was commonly called a "car," he remarked, "I presume that term is a colloquialism of "cart."

When queried about "how" he managed to reappear in 2017 America, he spoke more mystically... hinting that there are many spirits in paradise that work many of the Lord's wonders and plans. Without knowing exactly who the attending spirits were, he was commissioned to return to Washington, D.C. and address the current congress, knowing that in some way, his words would reach the ears of a large percentage of the population. And so, on December 14th, the 218th anniversary of his death, the gentleman who did not at all look like a man of 285 years of age, was brought before the Congress to address the nation. Still in his elegant attire, for he refused to wear the hideously bland modern sartorial norm, the former general and president of the United States took his place before the central podium, patiently waiting for the standing ovation to cease. What thoughts might have passed through the heads of Republican, Democrat, and Independent representatives before he would utter his first word? Surely, he would be astonished at the incredible advances in science and technology, as well as being effuse in praise for the abolition of slavery. Which "philosophy" would he more frequently praise and align himself to? At first, he did indeed speak of the awe-struck feeling he endured as modern inventions were described to him. But then with no prior warning conceived in the mind of any attending person of the Congress, his words became a bit more difficult to hear.

"But regardless of the many fascinating accomplishments this proud country has achieved, even more so to this humble farmer and soldier, I lament that you - the governing body whose sworn duty is to safeguard the welfare of these united peoples, maintain the security of this union, and provide for the mutual prosperity for all its citizens; I now say you have lost your way. The usurpation of powers and civil liberties that I, and the founders of our near sacred constitution, had thus designed not to occur, is taking place in a most regrettable, if not treasonous way. I have been educated that your previous president, one Barak Obama, and a negro no less, once said that the constitution was a charter of negative rights. Surely, this cannot be so as there is no such contrivance as negative rights. I am sure he meant injunctions, and if he meant this, he was correct. For we postulated, if not Baptized, the foundation of that noble document, in the spirit of blessed sacred Scripture, to wit, in the spirit of the Ten Commandments."

"For virtually all of those sacred commandments are, indeed, injunctions - proclaiming what thou shall not do, rather than what thou shall do. In this spirit, it was our hopefully prescient goal to establish a stringent and strident binds upon the federal government; dictating more what it cannot do, rather than what it can do. Yet, it seems to me, almost far beyond my 18th century education to believe, that the people are willingly surrendering their hard fought civil rights and liberties to the states, and the states are doing likewise to the federal government. In my two terms as president, I kept the United States properly neutral regarding the French Revolutionary wars; that was their business. But I acted concisely, and I hope rationally, during our own Whiskey Rebellion, a civil uprising in protest to the tax on whiskey, for it seemed to men of such conscience, that said taxation was exactly what we had rebelled against in our great war of Independence. And though they held to logical and reasonable positions, they entirely forgot the reason of that taxation - to pay off the great debts our fight for freedom incurred, as well as fulfilling our obligations to our courageous veterans and their kinfolk. I stood stalwart in the establishment and progress of that taxation because "that" was our business."

"But as impossible as it is for my mind, if not my soul, to believe, your generation is losing their liberties in the worst way possible - you are voting them away! Each has lost his communal spirit, as well as the pioneering bravado that forged this great country out of a lawless wilderness. Multitudes are actively seeking undeserved benefits that must be paid by the sweat of others, seemingly ignorant of the fact that these "others" are their fellow countrymen who are equally free to reap and enjoy the fruit of their labors without fear of unnecessary and unfair excise taxation of their peculiar goods and services. This vile political maneuver, known more freely as Socialism or Communism, seeks to enslave the hoi polloi for the benefit of a select few who monopolize power and wealth unto themselves. This treacherous, if not treasonous, political philosophy is shamefully entrenched mostly in what you call the Democratic Party. The majority of this party's adherents seem eager to exchange hard-fought and traditional American greatness for European Socialist mediocrity. They actively seek to establish a new political and social order upon the land that no American war hero ever fought, suffered, or died to inaugurate or promote."

"And this deterioration of civil liberties and rights is enjoining a similar deterioration in the American character itself. Know you not that with the obverse blessings of the currency of liberty and self-rule, an equal reverse to those blessings is demanded in the form of personal responsibilities? The responsibility to earn one's own keep, obey the laws of the land, submit to the common good, and to gain its hard-earned rewards which is strength and a certain, if not majestic, character said strength endows the free and independent worker with. By rejecting the responsibilities that independence demands, the resultant citizen becomes as malleable putty - fit to be shaped to a more scurrilous person's will. Have you forgotten the wise words that Chief Cannassatego spoke at the Treaty of Lancaster? Allow me to speak them here for they are sorely needed... 'Several of our young people were brought up in your colleges. They were instructed in all your sciences; but, when they came back to us, they were all bad runners, ignorant of every means of living in the woods, unable to bear either cold or hunger. They didn't know how to build a cabin, take a deer, or kill an enemy. They spoke our language imperfectly. They were therefore unfit to be hunters, warriors, or counsellors; they were good for nothing.' Know you not that should the powerhouse of modern-day industry fail; namely electricity, virtually no one of this modern generation would have fair chance to survive? Those who earn copious sums manipulating those devices that consume electricity - should that power be lost - would be likewise lost in hunting for game or planting corn to survive. Know you not how vulnerable modern convenience has made you?"

"As a proud Anglican, I say to you that the missing element in your modern philosophies is "grace." Grace is a gift from God. It grants myriad blessings upon the recipient, the primary two of which is wisdom and courage. The wisdom to recognize an evil and the courage to refuse its presence, regardless of how great a pressure one's peers may apply upon you to conform to that evil. And, the wisdom to recognize a good and righteous deed or principle, and the courage to attend it regardless of the pressure one's worthless and unrighteous peers may apply to induce you to reject that holy opportunity to gain in greater grace and approbation in the eyes of the Lord. Those which call themselves Democrat, seem hell-bound to eradicate even the very mention of the Lord from the public conscience and culture. They have set themselves against God, who is the fountain of all graces, and have thus become graceless. Devoid of this grace, they have become unwise and cowardly."

"But the problem is exacerbated by the fact that those who call themselves Republicans, who profess to adhere to the great traditions of the country and to the precepts and injunctions of federalism, while not devoid of grace, are certainly deficient in it. And, this deficiency is made manifest in that they lack the necessary wisdom and courage to challenge the more godless party. No human mind of my time could ever even conceive of the possibility that a party, having been given a majority in the House, Senate, and the presidential office, would be afraid, almost panic-stricken, to use that power! I say this not of divine prescience or command, but as one who has lived in the enlightened realm of the spirit, lo, these past 218 years, that your time is limited, and the dreadful day of reckoning is fast approaching. In the span of a score of years, a score and a half at the most, the Mussulmen, Moors, and Saracens of my generation, will have out-grown in population that of the Judeo-Christian societies, as well as the societies of the lesser numbered, though perhaps more exotic, Asian faiths. On that day, the great war to eradicate all faiths that preach counter to the prophet, and to establish the eternal and worldwide Caliphate, shall begin. This war shall be bloodier and more horrific than the totality of all wars the earth has witnessed combined!"

"For every nation on earth shall be in a civil war upon itself and all at the same time. The fighting shall advance, literally, from street to street and from door to door. Not one abode shall be spared the perverse choice of either being subjected to butchery, or having to resort to butchery in self-defense! Look you now, upon the children you see in your churches and within your shops, and know what you have consigned them to - IF you fail to unite and take the appropriate measures required. But there can be no such unification of faiths, races, or political parties, IF you cannot first repent and submit yourselves, your fates and you posterity to the will of God adamantly beseeching His gift of grace; without which, you are doomed. Perhaps this is the reason the "Everywhere Spirit," as the native peoples called Him, has sent me back to you this day. And, having expedited that cause, I feel the irresistible spiritual beckon and call to return to Mt. Vernon. You, who have called me the Father of this Nation, to whom I now call my children, I say the task of choosing between graciousness and barbarism is up to you. I will fervently be praying you make the righteous decision. Farewell."

With those last words, whose echo reverberated in a now silent auditorium, the magnificent 18th century gentleman began his long walk back to Mt. Vernon. Though instructed not to enter, the gathered throng of news reporters rushed into the Washington family mausoleum mere seconds after gracious George did - and found the sepulcher devoid of his presence, except, of course, within his own tomb. The silence that hovered in the hallowed halls of the Capitol building, now flowed freely from out the crypt, as if to give all concerned time to pause and meditate on the question - If George Washington himself returned to say these things - what would you do?


What if George Came Back?
Contest Winner

I had tried, at first, to render his speech in as close to an 18th century oration as I could. But after studying some of Washington's writings, he is even more "wordy" than I thought, so I had to hold back on the authentic twist. FYI, George Washington never had wooden teeth. His first set was actually made from human teeth that he bought from what is suspected to be one of his plantation slaves. His later teeth were carved out of hippopotamus and/or elephant ivory.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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