Biographical Non-Fiction posted February 22, 2017

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Sometimes being a parent is so hard.

Where Is my Daughter?

by Tier V. King

Today I find myself miserable again. So here I am still sitting at my dining room table in anticipation, staring at the front door. It has been 15 hours since my 17 year old daughter left, slamming that door due to a silly argument we had.

Sometimes I feel that my children are spoiled rotten but especially my daughter. She is so ungrateful. I told her though, "I don't care how upset you are, you do not get to scream at me. So she rolled her eyes, sucked her teeth, and stormed out while I was still talking to her.

Wow, I just don't understand this girl sometimes. This level of disrespect was never tolerated by mother when I was growing up. My mother would have knocked my teeth out of my mouth and I would have been picking them up off the floor. I won't hit my daughter though but it took great restraint on my part not to chase after her to grab her by her throat.

I am her mother and my heart is full of extreme and unconditional love for her. I would give anything for her total happiness but when she acts like this it causes me unbearable stress. This only leaves me hopelessly wanting a strong drink but I don't want her to return home and find me in that condition.

Oh, okay! I am finally hearing someone putting their keys in the front door. So I am anxiously waiting to see if it will be her entering the door. I am leaning so far over in my chair that I almost fell out of it. So I am standing up now, running to the front door but no, It is not her. It is my husband, so I'm just going to return to my chair. But wait a minute, my husband has a weird smile on his face as he is reopening the door.

There she stands, my daughter, with tears in her eyes. She says to me tearfully, "What a beautiful smile. Mom you are so beautiful and I am so sorry." I ran to her to hold her in my arms as my heart releases all stress and I say, "You are my life. I love you! Please let's never do this again. " She nods her head in agreement. My husband starts laughing out loud and says, "Alright already! Let's all have a group hug!" So we did but during that group hug I started thinking to myself, " I will have to find out later where she actually was for all those hours."

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Every parent has difficulties from time to time with their children. Sometimes we just don't see eye to eye because children (mostly teenagers) somehow start to believe that they know more than their parents. It takes patience and total self control. These are such necessary discipline techniques. I also do not believe in favoritism. Each child must receive equal attention and consideration because parenting is a gift. It is very important that I do this right.
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