Biographical Poetry posted February 17, 2017

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A poem of lost innocence and virginity of child

Little Girl's Destiny

by Tier V. King

Little girl lost at her time to shine...
Unable to cry, unable to whine
unable to drink the wine shared
by all other little girls
who held on hesitantly
to the cup of
the taken, shaken and awakened...
Then drank the stank nectar
filled with lemon and venom
plaguing her with trembling
then she is resembling
a little grown woman
veridical of omen or even premonition
regardless of all the early admonition she received...

She expresses that...
even in pigtails and bobby socks
on skinny legs and knee length dresses
that many have found her sexy...

She is followed by Perverts an pedophiles
with cunning smiles and worthless styles
ca'cannying hard from yard to yard
with hush, shush and whisper...

Dirty old men in Venetian blinded windows
to cajole for a hold or control
while older boys in showy cars are driving slowly
to show toys and naughty magazines...
She evades them, stays clear and clean
but by the time she reaches school
there are those older dudes
who cruise quietly through hallways
to trap her, lock her and block her leave
then reach in touching,
dry humping and bumping,
like thumping on a fragile flower
as her mind goes withering with the wind

But she keeps running into losers
choosers of little girls just like her,
who were:
never the shiniest gem of them,
never the stem important to the flower,
never the favorite fruit in the bowl,
never the hold or hug of mama,
never the life without full drama,
never the, "Why the tears?"
to rid the fears of the whole occurrence
the disturbance of her innocence
that was Dinah's story...
that spread glory that was never his to take
and the forsake of common decency
and the recently memorized mistake
of getting raped so young...

Raped at 13 was no normal thing
but it was so obscene that
she decided to write a eulogy
for her virginity...

But was it ever really her fault
that she could not escape that fate
or the memories of that weird uncle
who stumbled in to take his taste?
or to spill his sticky, stinking waste,
leaving sweet ruin drooling
at the sight of her grueling
then it was sweet ruin
that ended up ruling her life...

She went looking for love in all the wrong places
filling in those empty faces in her dreams
with the faces of her rapists
but none of this replaces the resentment
she really feels about how unfair it is
that mama was not there for her
so she carried this for years like a worthless kiss
she never got from mama
then she took a curtsy to feeling unworthy

little girl lost at her time to shine
unable to cry,
unable to whine
because she is no longer
that same little girl
she has become a woman...

Who has declined to shine!


I wrote " Little Girl's Destiny" on 4/01/2015 @11:45 am. I needed to get this out of my system especially because I have 2 daughters. I wished that I could just lock my children in the house every morning as my husband and I went off to work but they had to go to school. Mothers should never pretend that this situation does not exists. Even parents of boys should worry. There are Pedophiles with different desires for our children. My mother didn't seem to even think this was a problem when I was growing up but she had 8 daughters and we were being harassed and followed around as little girls. As I realized that one of my young daughters faced the same problem I informed her totally of the dangers. I didn't mind scaring the ____ out of her because this is a scary world we live in and this sort of thing ruins young ones for life. I don't mind sharing this sort of discussion in my poetry because this raw truth is no secret and everyone should be aware of it...for a good fight.
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