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A chapter in the book Paint Pictures With A Pen

Peacock Prison Paradise

by BOO ghost


Gold dust rides whirlwind,
softly speckles wet canvas,
Lost Dutchman Mine found.

Prose ~
"Maggie save your strength..." words whispered in the corridor of a prestigious art gallery in Paris, France. The elderly lady, dressed in black and trimmed in lace, is a prisoner of her iron chariot.

Poem ~

Sixty years had passed
Quietly, she stood transfixed
A Blue Bonnet wax figurine, in a shop
An old lady's soul trapped in an oil painting

But opportunity comes,
to escape the canvas.
Smell the cherry blossoms and magnolia's

Exhale sublime liberation
Never had one gasp
felt so -- good.

Prose ~
A rainbow shadows the painted desert. Trailblazers and pioneers have sought the treasures of the Superstition Mountains and The Lost Dutchman Mine. Snow-capped peaks and haunted canyons. This desert is refuge to insidious creatures, venomous snakes, scorpions, and the hella monster!

Poetry ~

It creeps within clay crevices, 
beneath shale, rocks and cactus.

Blow! Blow! Desert wind

A young lady seated on a boulder
The canvas colored with vibrant oil colors
and burnt sienna imagination.

Prisoner of lost love,
glass heart bound in iron shackles and paint
Her signature faded by humidity and time

No longer a, Paris, museum phantom
Aberrations are refracted by the mellow moonlight
through the cathedral lattices.

Pedestrians pass by,
tumbleweeds on the Tucson tundra.
Tis' a long ways from Arizona
Abandoned abbey's invite bats

Blow! Blow! Desert wind.

Life is a Mirage,
creating colorful portraits
beneath the sublime peacock paradise.

Today's cause for celebration
Ninety-four years turned to dust
Reincarnation is born

Blow! Blow! Desert wind.

The lady's last will and testament
seen by eyes of others.

She smiles gracefully,
her grandson, Luke, hands her
a Peacock feather from the Holy Bible.

Maggie May Lancaster, is 
etched with a whithered, trembling hand.

Maggie smiles one last time,
a feather tucked between cold, clenched fingers.
Her wrinkled face petrified with peacock passion, 
saturated with solitude, grace and gold.

Her ice cold -- steel blue eyes frozen
Like the look of a Norwegian sailor
sailing on a cog ship, Arctic waters.

Blow! Blow! Desert wind.

Now she can return to the painting
Her painted face
resembles the rainbow.

Book of the Month contest entry

Rainbow. Spectrum of light. Mirage of meteorological phenomenon caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets spectrum of light.

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