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A murder must be stopped.

A chapter in the book Babyface

Babyface Acts IX - XI

by Thomas Bowling

Act IX
Scene II

Caleb walks in the diner and sits at his usual table. By now, the rest of the patrons know not to sit there.

Aleyde: Caleb, what's Dothan got you doing? You're usually here by seven.

Caleb: We're lookin' at shoes. What's Pete got that's ready?

Aleyde: How about the special?

Caleb: That'll be fine.

Aleyde: Okay, I'll tell Pete to fix you five pig snout sandwiches.

Caleb: My favorite. There's a restaurant in Fayetteville. That's all they have on the menu.

Aleyde: I was kidding. Remind me never to kiss you again. The special is crawfish etouffee.

Caleb: That sounds just as good. I'll take five of them.

Aleyde: Why are you lookin' at shoes?

Caleb: A fella we‘re lookin' for wears Timberline size eleven work boots.

Aleyde: Everybody in Louisiana wears those . . . 'cept you. You couldn't fit those feet in size eleven.

Caleb smacks Aleyde's butt and makes her jump.

Caleb: Bring me some crawfish. I haven't ate since lunch.

Pete was already walking to the table with three servings.

Pete: Here you go, Caleb. This'll get you started. I figured you and Aleyde would have some catchin' up to do.

Caleb: Don't you have other customers you need to take care of?

Aleyde: Nope. I've been off for an hour. I guessed you would stop here before you came home. I just wanted to say hi before I left. I'll see you when you get home.

Aleyde leaves. Lionel comes in and joins Caleb.

Caleb: Is Dothan comin'?

Lionel: Nah, he's on the trail and doesn't want to end the chase. He's like a bloodhound, sniffin' away.

Caleb: This case is important to him. He won't quit until he catches whoever killed his niece.

Lionel: You think it's the guy that's been visitin' the crime scene?

Caleb: Could be. I don't know of anybody likes soybeans that much.

Lionel: Why don't you slide one of those plates over here? I'll have Pete replace it when the next batch is ready.

Caleb looks at the progress he has made so far and pushes a plate of etouffee across the table.

Act X
Scene V

A thirteen-year-old girl is sitting in a tight ball against one wall. She is rocking back and forth and crying.

Girl: Mister! Mister! Let me out. I won't tell anyone, I promise. Mister!

The basement door opens and a large fat man lumbers down the steps.

The man: Shut up.

Girl: Please, mister, let me go.

The man: Take your clothes off.

Girl: Why? I don't want to.

The man becomes enraged and raises his voice to a scream.

The man: Take your clothes off, now!

The girl shakes with fear and begins removing her clothes.

Act XI
Scene III

Caleb and Lionel arrive back at the station where Dothan is still sorting through receipts.

Caleb: Find anything yet?

Dothan: A lot of men wear Timberline boots.

Caleb looks at Lionel's shoes.

Caleb: Better add Lionel to your list of suspects.

They all look at Lionel's Timberline boots.

Caleb: What exactly are you lookin' for, Sheriff?

Dothan: Just something that jumps out at me. A name or address that I remember. After I get them all sorted out, we'll run an address search and start interviewin'.

Caleb: Who's gonna interview all these guys?

Dothan looks at Caleb.

Caleb: That's what I thought.

Caleb and Lionel grab a handful of receipts and go back to sorting them.

Lionel: Think of it this way. It beats washin' the squad car.

A dead girl lies in a cold basement in Shreveport.

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