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A chapter in the book Love Parts 2

My Special Valentine

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Hi there everyone. My name is Bobby and I am 8 years old. I have something I want to tell you about if you have time. If not, maybe I'll just write it down and you can read it some other time when you are not so busy.

I love Valentine's Day. I like to take cards from the box that Mom gets and decide who gets which one. It is a major decision to make. You have to give the right card to the right person or it could ruin their whole day. This year, the teacher made a list for us to use to be sure we did not forget anyone. Even the kid in the back that hates me and always trips me at recess will get a card. But his card will be the last one I pick so he will have to take what is left; but, he will get a card.

Mom got me some really neat Valentine cards this year to give out. They have the new Star Wars pictures on them. She knows I really like Star Wars. She also got me some Valentine suckers so that I could put one in each card and seal it. I have a broken one that I am going to give the boy that trips me all the time. I know it is mean, but it is the only way I can get even and not get beaten up. The suckers are all different so it will take me more time to figure who gets the right one. Like I said, you have to be real careful about these major decisions.

Everyone made a box in school to hold the Valentines that we give out. I made mine look like a treasure chest with hearts all over it. I used gold paper to cover it and put a lid on it with a hole cut out for everyone to put their cards in. Then I pasted on lots of different red hearts that I cut out of construction paper. I wrote my name on it with a black magic marker on the back so that the box still looked like a treasure chest. I thought it looked great.

Everyone had to bring a treat to share on Valentine's Day. Mom had to make rice thingy treats. I'm not sure what they are called, but, Mom said she knew what I meant when I signed up at school for the thing I was going to bring. The teacher sent a note home with everyone to tell their mothers what they volunteered to make. My Mom just laughed and said that was a good decision.

The night before Valentine's Day, I got all my cards ready and included a sucker in each one. Then I remembered what my teacher told me. This was the day to tell someone special that we were thinking about them. I had one person I needed to tell. She doesn't think she is special and I know she is upset and angry all the time. Sometimes she scares me...a lot.

She's nice one minute and then screams and yells the next. I don't know why she feels that way. Mom said there is good in everyone, including the kid in the back that trips me all the time. So I try to find good in this person and I have to look deep to find it. God really buried it for some reason.

Anyway, I asked Mom if she would make a special rice thingy treat. Maybe make it in the shape of a heart and put some colored sprinkles on. It had to be really special. Mom asked who it was for and I told her I just couldn't say. She smiled and made me a really special shaped heart with red and pink sprinkles and a candy heart in the middle that said, "you are special". She wrapped it in some aluninum, aluminun, alunamum, oh well that shiny stuff that doesn't stick. Then she put a red bow around it and taped it so it would stay.

After I got the cards finished, I had one special one left over. I saved it out because it was so beautiful. I got a special red sucker to put inside. It had a white heart on it. I was ready for Valentine's Day.

The morning felt so special. I packed up my valentines to take along with Mom's special treat. I left a little early because I had to make my special stop on the way to school. Her house was on the way. I was always afraid to walk in front because she would yell at everyone that even crossed by her fence. This morning, I walked up the sidewalk to her porch and laid the gifts by her door. Bravely, I knocked on the door and yelled "Happy Valentine's Day"! Then I walked back down the sidewalk and went on to school.

Old Mrs. Jones is older than Moses, Dad says. She is so lonely and unhappy that she hates everyone. I had to let her know I liked her better than the guy that trips me. I hope she knows.

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