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A chapter in the book Family 6

You Don't Know Me But You Will

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Tell a baby who his family is. Contest Winner 

"Hello, Crista Jade!"

No that's not the way to do it. How do I tell her about the family she will not know?

"You are so beautiful."

Yes, that is the way to start out. Because she is.

"I am your Grandmother ... well, one of them.

First I want to apologize for not being here to welcome you into the world when you finally blessed your parents with your first, and never ending, cry of rebellion. I don't blame you, you were warm and happy even though maybe a little pushed for space to move around. I lived too far away to make the trip to be there with you, but, I was thrilled when your Dad, who, by the way, was my son, called to tell me the much awaited news. You were finally here. You had ten fingers and ten toes, a full head of dark hair, and a cry that could raise the roof. That just means you were healthy."

Oh, dear, where do I go from here? How do I tell you things you will not understand?

"I guess this is called bonding for us, but there are things I want to say to you. Things I have to say now and will be telling you as you grow into a fine young lady. You are a special gift from God, given to a very special couple who couldn't wait to hold you in their arms. Jim was your Dad, and as I said he was my Son. His real name was James, but he didn't like it from the very start. He was one of two. You had an Uncle John. They were twins, but so very different. Where Uncle John was a homebody, your Dad loved to get out and try to see how many buttons he could push. That just means he was very ...spirited.

They were best friends. When your Dad married you Mother, Uncle John was his best man. Then when Uncle John married your Aunt Shona, your Dad was so proud to stand at his side. The four of them were like the Musketeers. I promise to explain that later on. Right now, I just want to tell you a little about the ones that hold you, and keep you clean and dry, chase away the tummy growls, and find the sucky thingy you seem to have taken a liking to.

You have two Aunts; Tammy and Connie. Now, Aunt Tammy will hold you and make funny faces and noises. Don't be afraid, that is just the way she is. She will probably still grab your cheeks and speak baby talk right before you climb the steps to graduate from high school ... and you will love it.

Now you have to understand that even though your Aunt Connie and Uncle Brian don't spend a lot of time with you, it is not because they do not love you. Some adults are what are called 'child forged', as is your Aunt Tammy. Your Aunt Connie feels uncomfortable with things the size of a bread box. No, she doesn't cook either. I don't think the two are connected but you never know.

You have five cousins who live with Aunt Tammy: Timothy, Jarrod, Erin, Jordan and Logan. She loves children and I think you will be spending a lot of time at her house. You will not want for love, because they have all met you and are ready to welcome you with open arms. Your brother will be there, too. You need to have patience with him for a little while. Ben is very angry and confused right now. Just remember that he is your older brother and he loves you very much."

Oh, this is getting hard, but I need to be able to talk to Crista as she gets older.

"Your cousin, Kyle is Uncle John and Aunt Shona's son. He is a couple of years older than you are. He is staying with his Aunt Shona's sister and I heard Sheila and Terry want him to come live with them.

Grandma Janice, your Mother's mother, is a very strong lady. I can see the love she has as she holds you in her arms. You were not able to meet your Grandpa Wendell. His heart was not strong and he is in heaven watching you. I think you probably met his spirit for an instant right before you were born.

You will meet your Grandpa Dan in a few minutes. I have not seen him in a long time and if you want to pee on him, it will be okay. Honest. Then you and I will laugh about it many years from now."

Oh, dear, so soon.

"Well, these are a few of the people that are part of your family and that love you so very much. You will get to know them as you grow. Every one of us will do our best to keep you safe and happy.

Now, Crista, I would be honored if you would allow me to carry you up to say 'goodbye' to your Mom and Dad. I know they will always be near you and will look over you. I see the way you look up now from your crib and smile at something only you can see. Is it them? Are they smiling down at you? I feel they are. And I am honored that you allow me to be part of that special moment."

Tell a baby who his family is.
Contest Winner


VMarguarite thank you for permission to use your picture.

Crista was almost three months old when her Mom and Dad and Uncle John and Aunt Shona were killed in a car/train accident. This is what I would have said.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by VMarguarite at

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