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A chapter in the book Family 6

The Story Of Ming Ming

by Barb Hensongispsaca

Children's Story Contest Winner 

A long time ago in a far away land, there lived a poor peasant family. The father, Lou Chin, was a proud fisherman. His beautiful wife, Mia Lyn, did some sewing and mending to help bring in extra money for the family. They had a beautiful little girl named Sue Lough.

It was lean times for the family. Since the fish were not running yet, the nets were always empty. There was nothing to take to the market to sell. Mia Lyn had some chickens so she was able to sell eggs to help purchase what her family needed.

Sue Lough had a cat she called Ming Ming, who was very spoiled. She was given whatever she wanted. Ming Ming was a good mouser and kept the mouse population to a minimum. She would bring her catch to the family and leave them on the stoop. Sometimes she would put them in Lou Chin's sandals.

One day, Lou Chin decided to take Ming Ming on the boat for good luck. He knew that other fishermen had cats on their boats to keep the number of mice down and keep them from ruining the catch of fish. He also knew the other fishermen were catching at least some fish; therefore, he thought Ming Ming would change his luck.

The next day, he took Ming Ming fishing with him. As he carried Ming Ming to the boat, she thought this would be a great adventure. She rode proudly on the front of the boat.

As Lou Chin stopped to throw his net out, Ming Ming watched from the side. When Lou Chin pulled the net in, there were mounds of fish in the net. He was so happy, he gave Ming Ming a fish to thank her. She proudly took her fish to the front of the boat to enjoy it.

As she sunned herself, she felt very proud to be able to help Lou Chin. She was almost asleep when she heard a very deep sounding "Baaarrrroooommm". This is when she met Leown, the frog. This was the first time she ever saw a frog. While Lou Chin was bringing in more fish, she decided to talk to this weird little creature.

"I'm Ming MIng," she said. "I'm a cat. What are you?"

"I am Leown, and I am a frog. You are in my home," he replied.

They spoke for awhile, then Leown asked Ming Ming to come into the water to play. She told him that she had never been in water before and asked what it was like. Leown told her it was fun; and, to prove it, he jumped head first from the rock he was on into the water. He started to swim around. Ming Ming thought it looked like fun and jumped in.

Of course, she could not swim and decided quickly she did not like water. She launched herself out of the water straight up the side of the boat, up Lou Chin's leg, his back, his shoulder, his head and onto a post where she hung on for dear life.

Lou Chin looked at Ming Ming and started to laugh at the soaked cat. "That will teach you a lesson," he said. "Just because something looks good does not mean it is right for you."

Children's Story
Contest Winner


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