General Poetry posted November 6, 2016

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A poem about Israel's greatest secret weapon!

The First Jewish Super Hero

by Thal1959

Laughter Contest Winner 
The first Jewish super-hero, wore a cape and a hat.
But his costume by Shapiro, hid his shortness and fat.
He thought himself tall, at least, compared to Moe Howard.
His thick, Yiddish drawl, tickled each crook and coward.

His nerves were verschimmelt, 'cause lawyers and judges,
freed crooks that he caught - those damn legal noodges!
So he took out his angst, on the schlemiels at the scene,
beating the pluck, out of the evil schmuck!
(I used "pluck" to keep this poem clean!)

Like Jackie Mason on steroids, he bellowed his signature cry,
with a hah-hah, and ho-ho, and a spitting of pbbbbblfft, he would spray.
But I feel like a nebbish - and surely I'll happily tell why,
'cause not a damn thing rhymes with pbbbbblfft - Okay?

But he needed a sidekick, with chutzpah unsparing,
To follow him whenever he calls.
Though Yahudi the yahoo, couldn't dredge up much daring,
It was Shlomo the homo who showed balls.

Then he fired his lawyer, the worst schlepper meager money could pay,
A washed-up kibitzer, and a schlamazel too, named Manny Levitz.
He was then heard to say - "Up, up and oy vey!"
He's Israel's own - Super Manischewitz!

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type that makes your reader laugh.

Contest Winner

There comes a time when one just has to do something silly. I tried a poem on this subject, but working with Yiddish and Hebrew expressions and slang proved too tough. You'll notice the double rhymes in the first stanza only. I decided the only way I could make it work was to change the remaining rhyme pattern. There is, of course, no intended disrespect for Israel, Jews, or Judaism - all of which I have great respect for.
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