Humor Fiction posted September 10, 2016

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I was discarding old papers and found a letter dated 1962.

Psychiatric Nursing

by alleewin

I am mental! That's what the letter says. I think that is what it says. It's from The General Nursing Council for England and Wales, and it is dated 1 May 1962.

I am sitting on the floor surrounded by a zillion boxes labeled 'IMPORTANT PAPERS AND THINGS.' I am trying to downsize, but I have to play safe and not throw out something that I might need one day. I have not needed any of it in the last fifty years, but one cannot be too sure. What would I do if Mr. Trudeau asked for my 1963 tax return?

Anyway back to my official letter from The General Nursing Council for England and Wales. It says...'Dear Madam, I have pleasure in informing you that your name has been entered on the part of the register for mental nurses., and you are now entitled to call yourself a Registered Mental Nurse.

The letter goes on to tell me that I will be receiving my State Registered Badge, and great care should be taken of it so that it does not fall into the hands of any unauthorized person; it is the property of the Council and arrangements should be made for its return on my death. The loss of the badge should be notified at once.

I cannot recall seeing the badge for at least fifty years, so I have to believe that it is in one of these boxes or it is lost. My daughter went online to find a picture of the badge and the results were most distressing. I could not believe the number of State Registered Badges that were for sale on eBay.

Without a doubt, I will do my duty as a conscientious Registered Psychiatric Nurse. I will report these racketeers who are not the least bit concerned about an unauthorized person possessing a 'Council Badge.' Their only concern is for financial gain as they greedily watch for the highest bidder, hoping to make a few dollars. I will tell the Nursing Council that all though I am not yet dead I will return my badge promptly. I don't think I need to say that I have to find it first.

My daughter has just informed me that some of these badges are selling in British antique stores for as much as $60.00

On second thoughts if the General Nursing Council has the audacity to refer to me as a mental nurse, I will let them deal with any fraudulent use of my badge.

I am posting this as humor but I think the reader needs to be British and a senior citizen to find it humorous. I'm going to post it anyway; maybe there is an ex psychiatric nurse out there.
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