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The darkness could not overcome the light

Light in the Darkness

by alleewin

"Slow down Jason!" Bobby yelled. You're "gonna get us killed."
Jason kept his foot down on the accelerator. His heart thumped faster and louder than ever. "No way man. The cops are right behind us, and I ain't gonna to be locked up again for nobody."
"Watch out Ja......"

Mary Jackson grabbed another tissue. She wiped her eyes, blew her nose and then reached for another.
"I knew Jason Rodmell was trouble."
Mary's husband was silent. He stared vacantly at the floor.
"I knew it. I asked Bobby not to hang out with him." Mary sobbed as she reached for another tissue.
Mary and Robert Jackson were sitting in the Intensive Care Unit's family waiting room, anxiously waiting for word of their son Bobby's condition. The only thing they knew was that Bobby had been in a serious accident, and his friend Jason had been confirmed dead at the scene.

"Oh, please God. Let Bobby be alright," Mary whispered.

Bobby tried to open his eyes but he couldn't. He tried to think where he was but he failed. It was dark, so very dark. He seemed to be in a tunnel traveling backward. He heard voices in the distance, but couldn't understand what they were saying.
Was that his Mom's voice? The darkness faded out. It was almost like dawn. Yes, He could hear his mother's voice. He sensed a happy, contented feeling and the light became brighter and he felt warm. He and a bunch of friends from his youth group were sitting around the kitchen table. His Mom served freshly baked cookies.

"And so!" Bobby heard his youth pastor say. "God is not with us when we are doing what we know to be wrong. If we know it's wrong, then we are committing sin, and God can not be any part of sin."

The voices faded in and out, and they sounded so far away. The light faded. Bobby tried once more to open his eyes, but couldn't. He felt like he was trying to wake from a terrible nightmare. But was it a nightmare? He seemed to be reliving the past.

Bobby, Jason and two of Jason's buddies were sitting in a vacant parking lot. They were waiting for a black truck to drive into the lot.The driver would drop a parcel in front of the second tree of the entrance, and Jason dressed, entirely in black would run over to pick up the package. Bobby knew what it contained. He had done this before and had made enough money to buy the games that he knew his parents would not allow.

Was that his mother's voice again? Bobby could hear the voices drifting in and out, but he could not make out what they were saying. His mother seemed to be praying and pleading with God for something. He wished he could go to her but he couldn't move.

He could feel the light returning, but then he felt something pulling him back into the darkness again. He could hear Jason's friends laughing at him, and calling him a holy goody two shoes.

If only he could get out of this darkness. He felt overwhelmed by it. Bobby tried desperately to pull himself up. He needed the tunnel to take him back into the light, but now he was home, and standing in an immensely dark living room. He could not see his parents, but he could hear his father's raised voice.
" You will abide by our rules. You cannot continue this way, Bobby."
He saw himself storming out of the house, but not before giving his father a 'make me look.'

Bobby saw the hurt in his father's eyes. He had to get out of this torment. He must tell his dad that he was sorry. He had to give his mom a hug and tell her that he loved her, but he still couldn't move. He had never experienced such anguish. He could feel but he couldn't move.

It was getting lighter, and Bobby thought he could hear people praying for him, but then the voices faded, and he was once more being drawn away from the light. He seemed to be in a tug of war game. The darkness dragged him into a profound feeling of guilt. The Light gently pulled him back into a radiant warmth; In the light he felt, happy and contented. He was immersed in love. In the darkness, he felt scorn, ridicule, and contempt. He was immersed in hate.

Bobby could hear his youth pastor again. "God cannot be with you if you are doing what you know to be wrong."

Visions of what he and Jason had been doing became vivid. He knew he had made bad choices. They had planned to rob the old lady at the corner store, but Bobbie had not known that Jason would have a gun. He tried to recall more. He saw himself in the store. and then in Jason's car, but where was Jason?

As the dark became more intense Bobby recalled Jason swerving in front of the transport truck. He wished he could hear his mom's voice again. His parents loved him and in return he had caused them so much pain. He felt shame and remorse.

If only he could get out of this stupor, and open his eyes, he would ask God to give him a second chance. He would turn away from evil. He would walk in the Light, and he knew that the darkness could not overcome the light.

Bobby sensed the darkness lifting. He could hear someone praying.

The light! The light seemed to be different now. It was shining directly into his eyes. He could open his eyes now, and he could hear and understand what was being said.

"It's alright son," he heard someone say.

A doctor was shining a flashlight into eyes.

"I think he is going to make it," he heard the doctor say.

The Most Brilliant light contest entry

This story is what I thought portrayed, 'The darkness could not overcome the light' as mentioned in the contest listing.
Thank you very much for reading it, and I will welcome any constructive criticism.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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