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short story

Life climbs from pit of death.

by Rasmine

Newbie Writing Contest Contest Winner 

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
Hell found me. Where is heaven? Where is love? I sit here amongst all the ruin and decay, the rotting filthy corpses smelling to high heavens. Thinking of how these devils in their Nazi uniforms seem to win. Just because I am Jewish? I did nothing to you, I have never hurt anyone, maybe it is because I have not lived long enough to develop a bitter outlook on life. Why is that not happening now, though? Why do I sit here in this grave of dead bodies that have been murdered, and not feel dead inside?

I have survived, yes, but to what avail? I pray for death as I sit by my mother's bloating body. The Nazi's do not know I am alive. They thought they tossed only dead bodies in here to rot. They did not cover up this mass grave with dirt as of yet. I have been down here about two days, afraid to climb out--afraid of their deadly weapons and hateful actions.

I am thirsty and hungry, but what would they do if they spot me? Aim their treacherous guns at me and snidely shoot to knock me back into this death pit. I will try it tonight, maybe under the guise of darkness, they will not see me. Perhaps I can sneak out and escape to somewhere where I will not be killed for being a different religion than these Nazi demons.

Where will I go? That is another thing, I am an enemy of these devil people, even as a child. What could I do? I laugh a bit to myself. But, if I do get out I will steal a weapon. I must defend myself, and I will murder these trolls if I have to.

The day grows darker, my mother is hardly recognizable any longer. She has bloated to twice her size, and the smell is too much for me to bear any longer. I look up and judge it to be the time to make my escape.

I swallow as I start to climb the mud wall. Surprisingly, the way is quite easy, the mud is dry not having rained, thankfully, since my dumping in here. I think back as I climb to freedom.

The Nazi devils came into the camp pounding on walls and yelling. It was total chaos. My people were forced to walk like dogs to a long building. One lady started crying hysterically and turned around only to be shot by one soldier, and another that stood directly over her as she writhed on the ground. I grasped mother's hand tightly then and swallowed. Wondering where my father was I looked wildly around to see him. He wasn't with the group. It makes me wonder now if he is still alive somewhere. That thought makes me smile as I almost reach the top of the pit.

I finally climb over the top. I get on my hands and knees, and like an anxious dog, I look around quickly. I breathe out a quiet sigh of relief. No one is around. I lie on the ground and look into the pit, resting my chin on my hands. My eyes fill with tears as I long for my mother.

The soldiers forced all the people into the long hall building. I heard mumbling, and remembered I heard how people went in this building but never came out. My mother held my hand very tightly. I leaned against her, then I heard what I thought was my father. I got up and pulled away from my mother and headed to the voice. It was outside the building, no one was around an open door so I headed out. He would want to be with us. I walked out into the sunlight looking for my father. Then I heard screaming from inside the building. I turned, when someone grasped me. I stayed there, not being able to move, for some time.

I felt myself being held, but when I looked down there were no hands around me. I wondered if it was my father, or his ghost? When the screaming stopped, the hands released me. I ran as fast as I could to the long building. I had to get back to mother--if that was my father he would be right behind me. I turned slightly as I ran, to see no one. I shook the odd feeling out of my head and ran right into the building.

No one stirred. Everyone was laying on the floor--maybe they were asleep? I knew better; the rumors were that these buildings had gas that was poison. Mother lay on the ground. I lay next to her, not wanting to leave her side. The soldiers then removed all the bodies. I kept my eyes shut hoping they wouldn't notice I breathed. I didn't have to worry so much they didn't even pay attention, just shovel us up and into the pit.

I got up after recalling mother's death, and started to walk away. Where I would go, I have no idea, but perhaps the angel that held me out of death's grip would continue to walk by my side.

Newbie Writing Contest
Contest Winner

I just finished writing this. I hope you enjoy this tiny novelette.
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