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A fun camping trip turns deadly!

A chapter in the book The Cody Schroder Collection

Cody's Very, Very, Very Bad Day

by Brett Matthew West

It was one of those days. The lure of the expedition excited the young Volunteer Deputy Cadets.

"This is the very best day ever!" Cody beamed to his best friend Matt Cochran.

The boys looked forward to their overnight camping excursion to the world famous Brazos River with eager anticipation. A hard white light cast by the full moon provided enough illumination for them to pick their way along the well marked trail.

What was that Sheriff Daniels had told his young troopers?

"Just because the water is calm don't think there are no alligators swimming around under the surface."

This was the Sheriff's way of reminding his charges, and especially the exuberant Cody, that danger can lurk in every situation and to always use caution in all their endeavors.

A fun-filled day occupied the boys time. They gathered firewood, built a campfire, and cooked their own vittles over an open flame. Just like the cowboys of the Old West. Most of the boys emulated them.

Their bellies were full. Now they held gold pans in their hands and were trying their luck panning for riches. Scavenging for arrowheads from the Caddo Indians who once roamed this prairie soon followed. Small trinkets their rewards.

Most of the afternoon was given to trail hiking and rock climbing adventures. Sheriff Daniels popular weekend getaways for boys were always chocked full of fun events. This was Cody's first experience with them since he moved to Astatula.

Horse-playing with a couple boys around him, instead of paying attention to the dirt path as Sheriff Daniels instructed the lads to do, Cody tripped over a rut he did not notice along the trail and stumbled.

He fell hard to the ground and came to a rolling stop at the bottom of the inclined hill they were descending. For a moment he sat still on his bruised tailend. If Cody could have cried, he would have, but he could not. He had knocked the wind out of himself when he crash landed.

Some of the other boys began snickering at Cody's misfortune until Sheriff Daniels heard them. He quickly admonished their unruly behavior. Embarrassed by the good-natured teasing of his troop mates, Cody attempted to rise to his feet. He felt a stabbing pain in his right ankle and could not bear weight on his leg.

Cody would need assistance reaching the far away campsite. Sheriff Daniels slowly slid down the slope to where the boy was. In his hand he held a branch to be used as a crutch. Reaching Cody, the Sheriff conducted a quick survey of his condition.

"I'm okay, Dad," Cody bravely told the Sheriff, "it's just my ankle. I twisted it falling down the hill."

"How many times have I warned you about horse-playing when you should be a lot more careful about what you are doing, Little Mister Personality?" Sheriff Daniels sternly questioned Cody.

"At least a hundred gazillion times. And maybe a whole lot more than that too, Dad," Cody sheepishly admitted.

"That's about a thousand times too many Son," the Sheriff replied, "but, now, maybe you'll get the message through that mule-thick stubborn blond head of yours, so it does not have to be delivered on the opposite end by the buckle end of my belt!"

Cody wanted no part of the Sheriff's proposition and immediately responded with, ""Yes, sir. I get the message loud and clear, Dad."

Then he apologized for his carelessness, saying, "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"This is your final warning, Little Man. It better not!" Sheriff Daniels announced, "Because if it does you will spend the rest of the weekend staring down at the green grass from a very uncomfortable position over my knee."

"Yes sir," Cody modestly answered.

Sheriff Daniels started to lead Cody back up to the trail saying, "Let's go."

Suddenly, in their way appeared a large coiled snake ready to strike. Cody heard the warning noise of the reptile's rattling.

And then...

Cody's very, very, very bad day turned dramatically worse in a big way!

It Was One of Those Days writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
"It was one of those days," Start your story with that prompt. It might be a day when you thought you did everything right, but it changed. It might be one of those days when life was amazing and you could do nothing wrong. Which ever day you choose live it in your story.


What starts out to be a fun-filled weekend camping trip turns into the worst day in Cody's life.

Who hasn't been there done that?

(If that's not a bad day you tell me what is!)

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