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Memorial Day 2016

Remember Being Alert

by foxangie123

Today, Monday May 30, 2016, my family and I will gather in honor of Memorial Day. I began hosting a gathering in memory of those who fought or were victimized in the name of free humanity, just as the Jews were. My guests must be sober, just like any soldier fighting with democracy, freedom, and justice for us all. On June 4, 1944, a soldier named Bill, referred to by the Italian's as Cap-i-tan Beel, whom is as well a father to our fellow author wordcraft3198, sacrificed his life fighting for all. He kept the memories good and bad he experienced during war time to give and help others for the rest of his life. I was made aware of such after reviewing the stunning poem, tribute, written by his child. I'm fortunate to see this entry entered for a contest being held here on FanStory. Although it didn't win first place in this particular competition, the poet and their dad placed at the top of my chart as a soldier fighting during WWII and his family in the core of my heart. We will pay him tribute as long as there is breath in our lungs.

At my home on this long weekend we gather and eat. The day is used to remember those outstanding people who believed in their, our, country, and the concept of family by battling to keep its foundations here and abroad. It is a time to remember, celebrate heroism, and teach the younger generations the importance of beliefs and the price at times needing paid to stand up for them.

We give thinks to those that lost their lives, the ones left with horrific memories of altering events, and all those that are right now doing the same thing this very day. It takes the ones stationed on their homeland, to the mechanic, to each and every life on the team, working together as a whole. At our gathering function each year on this day we talk not about ourselves but WWI, the Korean War, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, WWII, the Holocaust, the hostage crisis in Iran, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, the countless fights for Isreal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Africa, and all of the many others.

Today and every day we should take the time to recollect upon history and the fighting still going on today in our homeland and overseas. Our brothers and sisters here and there right now who would love to be home having a barbecue versus being in the hot sun fighting barbarians that love to cause fights, worship killing, hating, and murdering even to the extent of their own people. My family and I want to sincerely send precious hugs, smooches, and the most special thank you to Every soldier and their family. We Will Never Forget nor Stop Fighting for Freedom! God Bless each of you still amongst us and the precious souls who gained their Angel wings who are right now looking down upon us from Heaven.


Memorial Day 2016 which is every day for me and mine. God Bless You.
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