Horror and Thriller Poetry posted May 12, 2016

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Psycho Assylum

by BOO ghost

I'm consumed by pitch darkness
A lost host in an incubus 

In my mind, I scream...
traveling through the dark matter
void of luminous light

I am the braha, an Amish witch
because of my mysterious craft 

I hear a passing freight train trek the trestle;
it's overcrowded with hobos -- 
the railway cars
pass by

My heart pumps lifeblood
through my collapsing veins
My arms and lanky legs shackled
to rod-iron bed posts

Nurse Ratchet positions a portable potty
beneath my bony body

I listen... to the stir of echoes,
of silence shattering through the dark chambers
Nothingness consumes light

The brazen beast hungers, 
it crawls along these cobwebbed corridors 
searching for Psycho people to join the clan 
Bobbies guard the yard armed with shocking nightsticks

Cinder blocks blind me, as I stare nowhere
This masonic house has monsters
Castle of emptiness, sorrow
and pain!

I scream, so silently within
Soon the pain will stop, the screaming
Morphine, thoroazine, and halodal
I'm a psycopath

The voices haunt me
The high-pitched painful cries,
and the spirit's echo fades into tranquility

It leaves me, again,
in the empty hallow hallway
It was my light that saved me

What I visioned was residual warmth
manifested by a lighthouse lantern,
as I stand naked, 
my velvet dress torn

In another Siberian life,
 many moons, since has passed,
I was frost bitten by the bitter screaming of the Arctic cold
It chilled me

It found me exposed to the harsh elements 
I was lost, weak, and vulnerable
It covered me like a blanket, as it protected me,
The wolf

Running with the pack, I was never lost in the dark
Never lonely, sleeping with the wolf

Now, in my sleep, I'm an empty vessel
The warm blanket of the light no longer comforts me,
but exposes me to the dark side of man, 
the beast

Painful piercing screams of my voice
echoe through the asylum

of what I've lost in the emptiness
that reverbs through me like violin vibrations

I replay a sad song in my mind,
for, I scream in my dreams,
but all I see is the dark

Sinister Shadows 
stare at me near my bedside

I have died and was reborn,
into a beautiful Monarch butterfly

I have escape torment temporarily,
banishing dreams of death and demons

I'm a prisoner of my dreams,
filling ten thousand mason jars with poems

The grim reaper watches me
He's dressed in black, a smock and hood
He calls my name,

I hear satanic chants,
a charming choir consisting of demonic angels
I knew some day that these demons would come for me

Human figurines prod me in my nightmares
like an alien autopsy

Spooky shadows surround me
I live in my tomb of fears

I remember... 
the sweet fragrance of wild-flowers 
and yellow dandelions, 
as I danced amongst the polder poppies
An autumn harvest season wrapped in promises

As a virgin child,
I was the farmer's daughter amidst the sickle & rye,
seeing crows ans scarecrows with shattered spectacles
Now, there only remains echoes
I hear footsteps pitter patter down the asylum corridor
It sounds like storm troopers,
they're decorated in white garments

The last shock dazed me and scorched my lips 
I will become a mutant mute in this third life
Perhaps, this is the end of my dreams

They will silence my delusional dreams 
They will silence the demons in my mind
They will silence the lambs laughing
They will turn me into a vegetable

Ten thousand volts and amps shock me!
Thoughts of my morphed sleep with riggermortise

I regurgitate my last supper
Slobber drools from the corners of my mouth
This is beyond my worst nightmare
Perhaps, my final dream, 

Now, my memory fades...
I see ten trillion lights sparkling like fireflies
 visions of white lights, familiar faces, 
and white uniforms circle me
like vultures 

They anticipate,
until my last breath departs the darkness
My corpse which I can not escape

Finally, my dreams have been vanquished,
erased by A/C electrical currents
as I bite my tongue
Nodules and glue stick to my shaven head
I look like the bride of Frankenstein
I'm a looney bird of 

Simply, a victim of circumstance and flawed genes
It would be best if they injected me with 
My dreams erased...

Sweet Dreams... Spook-Fest contest entry



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