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Contest: Most Embarrassing Moment

The Mouth of Babes

by foxangie123

Most Embarrassing Moment Contest Winner 

As a parent I found it extremely important for my children to know The Lord. In my opinion my family and I attended the best church in Georgia. This church was divided for children of age groups in order that they could learn about the Word on their level. It was amazing and a very effective way of ministering to children. The teachers were trained exactly as the Pastor was. To qualify, they went through special training on how and what to present for those in their specific pod as well. Children were able to sing appropriate songs and in each there were pews just like the ones adults sat in during the main sermon. They as well had tables with different activities spiritually related that each got to choose from. There was not a child that I ever saw unhappy when it was time to go home. The youngsters would run to their families excited to show them that which they made with voices going a hundred miles per hour voicing that which they learned. It was so neat because they would memorize versus and the chapters in which they were found in scripture. It is the absolute most creative work of God to see those excited and moved by the spirit.

A Sunday arrived when the children and I were sitting in the adult worship area together. The roof where the kids went, during the adult service, was being remodeled. This was the reasoning for joining their parents. It wasn't long till the younger ones fell asleep in the pews. They were too young to understand the preacher and his teachings or even understand higher levels in meaning for who were grown.

My middle daughter was the type that was grouchy when woke up. She was a pretty deep sleeper yet needed to complete all the R.E.M. stages unlike my other kiddos. Her siblings had learned to let her sleep in on the weekends because it could be ugly.

Our pastor was very good at ministering to everyone. He was known for repeating himself and talking rather loud which was moving to the members. The testimony given that particular Sunday was on the importance of being a Christian and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Towards the end the minister continued to say, "Do You Accept Him, I Said Do You Accept Jesus, What is Your Answer, Do You Accept Jesus as Lord?" The congregation was quietly listening and in a split second, still half asleep, my little girl yelled "Yes, Damn It, Yes!" My face turned red and instantly I thought everybody would judge me as I had never been so embarrassed. Our preacher could tell by looking at me I was mortified and in a very down to earth voice he responded with, "That five year old gets it, how about the rest of y'all?" The entire congregation burst into laughter and the Sunday service ended with Jesus Loves the Little Children. I hugged her thinking, only out of the mouth of babes.

Most Embarrassing Moment
Contest Winner


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