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A suburban dad's descent into hell

Sleeping with the Devil

by Sun

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

"Hell found me!"

"Mr. Watson, this is a court of law, please mind your language," Judge Jackson chided me.

"I apologize, your honor. As I was saying, my life was great, I had a beautiful wife, an adorable 3 year old daughter and a great job that paid for my home in the much sought-after Cedar Park neighborhood. But all that changed the day He.., I mean Jen found me."

"Mr. Watson, please describe the circumstances of your first meeting with Jennifer Parker," my lawyer George Sanders prodded me.

I looked towards the jury box and tried to read their faces. I hoped they believed me, because even though I had done many things that were wrong and some things that were very wrong, I had not murdered another human being. I was not guilty of taking another person's life, just ruining my own. I continued narrating my story to them -

I remember everything about that day. It was the middle of summer and hot, unusually hot. My wife's parents were visiting. Our daughter Amanda was the center of attention, as usual. I do not hate my in-laws, but there are only so many hours I can spend trapped in the same room with them. I stepped out on to the front-porch with a cold beer. I was surprised to see a U-Haul truck in the neighbor's driveway. The house next to us had only sold a couple of days ago; I had not expected to see the new owners moving in already. I caught a glimpse of an average-built man carrying a box into the house. And then I saw her - she was wearing a bright-red tank top that revealed her ample cleavage and some very short shorts that showed off her beautiful tanned legs. Her beautiful blonde hair reached out to just under her shoulders. I somehow managed to look away before I got hypnotized. I saw the guy walking back out of the house, he was about 5'10", average build, more geeky-looking than handsome. I wondered how he ended up with a woman like her!

"Hello there, we are your new neighbors," my chain of thoughts was broken by the man's voice.

He was looking in my direction with a friendly smile. I walked up to the fence and reached across for a hand-shake.

"Hi, I am James, welcome to Cedar Park."

"Hi, I am Michael and this is my wife Jennifer."

Jen flashed me the most beautiful smile as she held out her hand. I could not believe how a woman I had just met could have such a strong effect on me. As I took her hand, all I wanted to do was pull her in close and put my arms around her waist. I must have uttered something remotely intelligent, because she replied with a "Nice to meet you too James."

I somehow tore my eyes off her and looked back at Michael. There was a mysterious twinkle in Jen's beautiful, blue eyes, it was almost as if she could read my mind and knew exactly how I felt about her.

"We are very excited about moving to this neighborhood, it is our first home," Michael was saying.

"Wow, that is great, you could not have done much better for your first house," my mind was already trying to guess what kind of work they must do to afford this place. Stacy and I were both in our late 30s and had only bought our home a couple of years ago. Michael and Jen looked about 10 years younger than us.

"Well, we better get back to unloading the truck, we have tons more boxes to get to," Michael seemed anxious to get back to work.

"I am not doing anything much this afternoon, I can help you with some of it," I could not believe I was offering to help them with the moving.

"Oh, that is so sweet of you James; we really could use your help. Some of the boxes are really heavy, those big muscles would sure come handy," Jen purred.

I don't know how it made Michael feel. I may have been 10 years older than him, but I was 4-5 inches taller than him and while he looked like he had never seen the inside of a gym, I still worked out 4 days a week to maintain the muscles from my college football days.

I walked around the fence into the Walker's yard without bothering to go back into the house to let Stacy and the in-laws know where I was going to be. The moving was not too bad and watching Jen in action made it more fun than a chore. I had just finished moving one of the last boxes into the master bedroom on the 2nd floor. I turned around and almost ran into Jen who was right behind me. I could hear Michael moving boxes downstairs.

"Thank you so much for helping James, you are really sweet," Jen leaned in and gave me a quick kiss right on my lips. Once again, I fought the urge to take her in my arms.

"You are wel...come," I managed to mutter. Before I could say anything more, I heard Michael's steps on the stairwell.

That was my first meeting with Jen. It was not long before I was back in the Parker house, this time with Stacy, for the Parker's house-warming party. Jen looked stunning in her little black dress. It was a great party and very well-attended with more than 30 guests. I discovered that Michael was a young software engineer working for a Fortune 500 company. I guess that explained how he could afford this place. Jen had been hired by his company as a brand ambassador at one of their big conventions and he was surprised when she had expressed an interest in him. Unfortunately, it was much too late that I discovered it was his bank balance rather than his personality that had attracted Jen to Michael. That evening, all I wanted to do was spend some time alone with Jen, I had no idea what I was going to do or even say, but I wasn't thinking straight. I finally got my opportunity when she headed upstairs and I broke away to go to the bathroom. The downstairs bathroom was not occupied, but I headed upstairs anyway. I reached the landing just as Jen was walking out of the master bedroom.

"Thanks for the great party and you look absolutely amazing in that dress."

"Thank you James," she said while walking closer towards me.

And there we stood, staring at each other, with barely two inches between us. I could not wait any longer. I pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. Was I being stupid? Most definitely! But it seemed like my brain stopped working when I was near her.

I don't know how long we were making out for, but eventually Jen pulled away, "They are all right down there." We exchanged phone numbers and she made her way back to the party while I eventually found my way to the bathroom.

"Objection, your honor! Is there any point to this story? All this has no bearing on the homicide of Mr. Michael Parker," the prosecutor Ray Jones interrupted my narration.

"Your honor, the nature of the relationship between Mrs. Jennifer Parker & my client Mr. James Watson is the basis for establishing motive that this crime was committed by Mrs. Parker and not my client."

"Objection overruled, but Mr. Watson, please strive to omit unnecessary details and keep your story pertinent as it relates to this case," judge Jackson instructed me.

"Yes, your honor." I continued my tale -

That weekend was the last weekend of my normal life. On Monday, after work, Jen & I ended up in a motel room. She was just so beautiful, so sexy. I was a completely different man when I was with her; she brought out passions & feelings that I did not know I was capable of. I thought I was entering heaven, little did I know that I had already begun my descent into hell.

It was now 2 weeks since Jen & I had embarked on our torrid affair and we still could not get enough of each other. I told her that my administrative assistant was retiring and so we had a job opening. Jen broke into a wide smile, "Wow, can you imagine how much fun we could be having if I was working directly under you? I have been thinking about switching jobs anyway, this is perfect. I will get Michael to bring the topic up when we come over for dinner to your place this Saturday." Stacy had invited the Parkers over for dinner on Saturday night as a thank you for their great house-warming party.

It was a fun but tortuous night. Jen looked very sexy as usual and I had to keep fighting the urge to grab her. About half-way through dinner, Michael mentioned how Jen was looking for a job. I immediately used the opportunity to mention how we had an opening for an administrative assistant and that I would be glad to forward Jen's resume. I could tell Stacy was not happy about my offer, but Michael took it well. What Michael & Stacy did not know was that it wasn't just a job in my office but that Jen would actually be working under my direct supervision.

Jen got the job and we had sex in the office on her first day. Life felt great, I was high on Jen & ecstacy. She had introduced me to the drug just a week ago and I was already hooked. I was spending less and less time at home and Stacy and I were fighting a lot more often. But I was like a run-away train now. I even managed to bring Jen along for our annual sales conference in Vegas. I had never brought my assistant along before, but I drummed up some fake work and managed to convince my manager to approve the expenses. Of course, I did not tell Stacy that I was taking Jen along on the work trip. I hoped she would not find out but I almost did not care. It ended up being the wildest trip of my life, with ecstacy-fuelled parties every night.

And then my world came crashing down. It was late on a Tuesday evening; we thought everyone else had already gone home. We had forgotten to lock the office door and my manager walked in to see me fucking Jen on the desk. He fired both of us right there. As we walked out, Jen wanted to go get some drinks and talk about the future. But I was still reeling from what had happened; I needed to process this without her interference and decided to head home. Stacy, of course, was livid. She knew Jen was involved somehow as soon as I told her that I was fired. Pretty soon we were yelling at each other and she took Amanda and went to her parent's home. It was late, and I sat in the darkness in the living room chair and finished my second drink. Or was it the fourth? I wasn't sure; I tried to think how it was possible for my heavenly life to have turned so hellish so quickly. Maybe if I ended it all with Jen, Stacy would forgive me and take me back. Maybe we could still make it work, for us and for Amanda.

I looked outside, Michael was not home yet. I walked over to the Walker house; the front door was not locked, so I went inside. There was no sign of Jen on the 1st floor, so I went upstairs. I walked into the bedroom just as Jen got out of the shower.

"Hi honey, what are you doing here? Michael will come home anytime now."

"I need to end this Jen. Stacy took Amanda and left. I need to get them back."

Jen moved closer, her body was now pressed into mine. She smelled so good, she started kissing me, I tried to resist, but I could not. I needed to get away, but instead I just pulled away her towel. I pushed her back into the bedroom and we ended up having sex again. We lay in bed naked afterwards, talking about our next plan. She pulled open the top drawer in the nightstand; I was shocked to see a Colt hand-gun in there. I picked it up, it felt real. Jen said that Michael had recently bought it for self-defense.

We suddenly heard a car pull up in the drive-way. Michael was home. I slipped out through the back-door; I heard the gun-shots as I was making my way back home. I felt like a deer in headlights, unsure whether to go back into the Walker home or run away. That's when the Johnsons, the Walker's neighbors on the other side, came out of their house and saw me. But it wasn't me; Jen was the one who murdered him.

And that was the end of my testimony. I never had a chance. The gun only had Michael and my prints on it, Jen & the Johnsons all testified against me. I thought I had landed in hell, but as the jury read out their guilty verdict and prison sentence, I wondered if my hell was maybe only just beginning.

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List of Characters:
James Watson - The narrator & protagonist
Stacy Watson - wife of James Watson
Amanda Watson - daughter of James & Stacy Watson
Michael Parker - new neighbor of the Watsons
Jennifer Parker - wife of Michael Parker
Ronald Jackson - judge presiding over James Watson's trial
Ray Jones - prosecutor
George Sanders - lawyer defending James Watson
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