Children Poetry posted February 11, 2016

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A Story of Faith in Quatrains

A Girl, A Mountain and A Magic Word.

by rhymelord

The King of Never-Never Land
Went riding out one summer's day
But, right outside the palace gates,
A great big mountain blocked the way.

The King was truly rather miffed,
It wasn’t there the night before,
And wouldn’t you be upset too,
If you found one outside your door.

“You, mountain,” said His Royal Self,
“As King of all that I survey,
I order you to move aside
And not to block my Royal Way.”

“Now MOVE,” he said. The mountain shrugged,
but did not budge an inch aside
And, to the Royal Retinue,
It seemed as though the mountain sighed.

“Oh dear, oh dear”, it sadly mused,  
“It’s such a simple word, my liege
And one I’m sure your Nanny used
When teaching you ’Noblesse Oblige’”.

“You may be King”, it then went on,
“While I am just a pile of earth,
But even mountains have their pride —
Not everyone’s of Royal Birth.”

Now, no-one talks to Kings like that
And he was fit to blow his mind.
His neck swelled up, his face turned red 
And then a voice spoke from behind.

“Now, Daddy, please don’t get upset.”
His little daughter clearly said,
“You know it’s not good for your health
So, let me have a try instead.”

She rode up to the mountain’s side
And whispered softly in his ear.
No one could hear the words she said,
But that it worked was very clear.

Without a word, the mountain moved,
To once more open up the way,
But, as the King and court rode past,
It bowed and then was heard to say,

“Take this to heart, my Royal sir,
Good manners fill a life with grace.
So, if you would a mountain stir,
Just do as did your daughter, Faith.

That she’d have magic words, you’d think,
To move a mountain with such ease
And, in a way, you would be right —
The magic word she used was ‘Please’.”


For children and maybe a lot of grown-ups.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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