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A short children's story to help them deal with a death.

A chapter in the book The Butterfly's Message

The Butterfly's Final Message

by foreverbutterfly

Mark's Mummy took him to the Zoo. He was excited because there was a butterfly tent. He had not seen a butterfly in a long time and they reminded him of his friend Lewis, who was in heaven. In the butterfly tent Mark was following the blue butterfly when he saw a boy who was very sad.

Mark asked the boy why was he so sad. The boy, called William whispered that his nanny had died and he missed her so much. Mark understood this because he still missed his friend. He pointed out the green butterfly to the boy. He explained it reminded him of his friend, it reminded him to smile.

Amelia heard the two boys talking and said the pink butterfly reminded her of her sister. She explained her sister had died but the butterfly taught her to dance again. Amelia knew it was her sister cheering her on.

Mary pushed through the group chasing the orange butterfly. She said she was sorry but that the orange butterfly was so important for her. It reminded her of her Daddy in heaven. The butterfly stopped her feeling angry and it had been so long since she saw one. William asked Mary why her Daddy was in heaven.

Before Mary could answer, Milly asked the group of children had anyone seen a purple butterfly. She was certain her butterfly would be here. The others helped her search for the purple butterfly. William found the butterfly up near the roof. Milly giggled and said her Mummy always enjoyed adventures. She knew her Mummy was looking down on her.

Oliver heard Milly talking about her Mummy. He asked Milly if her Mummy was an angel like his brother. The yellow butterflies reminded him of his baby brother more than any other butterfly. Milly said her Mummy was in heaven. She did not know if this meant she was an angel.

Jonathan was sitting by the group. On his shoulder was a massive green butterfly. He told the group that if they sat with him the butterflies would land on them to. As the children sat down the butterflies flew over to them. The blue one landed on Mark, the pink one on Amelia, the orange one on Mary, the purple one on Milly and the yellow one on Oliver.

William was very sad because a butterfly did not land on him. Jonathan said he had to stop looking, his butterfly would come. So William closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, the most beautiful golden butterfly was on his hand. Jonathan explained it was a kiss from heaven. At least that is what his Granddad always said.

The seven children sat on the floor talking about their loved ones. They talked about their sadness, their anger and how much they missed them. But each one explained the importance of their butterfly. William no longer felt alone in his feelings. He knew he would always look out for the golden butterfly.


This was an unexpected chapter - it was only ever going to be 6 stories. However a kind reviewer thought it would be good to show children how important it is to talk about grief, and to share it with another child.

Each paragraph will be illustrated and is aimed for 4-6 year olds.
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