General Poetry posted September 5, 2015

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autumn haiku suite (child colors)

by Quire's Gal

child colors
 picture of september
 red crayons

  mums stir
  in rough october wind
artist splatters paint

stormy november
strips away autumn colors
winter canvas waits


Autumn haiku Suite (NO LEAVES) writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
1a) Any mention of, or reference to, leaves or trees is strictly forbidden!
1b) THREE separate autumn haiku required - don't have to be in same location. That's a total of nine lines with a line space in between each haiku
1) written in present tense
2) title must read, 'autumn haiku suite (1st line of the FIRST haiku)'. If title is too long for the site to accept, don't worry and just fit in as much as possible
3) only TWO words in EACH haiku may start with the same letter ('as/and/the' don't count) . You may use two words with the same first letter and two OTHER words with a DIFFERENT same first letter in each haiku)
4) no punctuation except for proper nouns or hyphenated words
5) two lines of inter-connected and grammatically flowing imagery (written as ONE sentence over two lines), plus a satori line ('ah-ha' moment). Satori may be 1st or 3rd line
6) Personification is welcome but not necessary
7) each haiku must be in 'short/long/short' format, with the middle line having more syllables than each of the other two - '5-7-5, 4-6-4, 3-5-4' as examples. Each haiku may have a different syllable count
8) NO artwork or sound effects allowed
9) NO 'author notes' allowed
10) NO 'gerunds' ('ing'-ending words) allowed
11) NO end line rhymes

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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