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A Tiny Tale of Terror

A chapter in the book Tiny Tales of Terror

Well Hello, Dolly

by Dean Kuch

My thanks to all of the great authors who have contributed. Heres...LOOKING... at you, kiddies.
The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

A multi-authored book of horror flash and micro fiction.

Well Hello, Dolly

No...no one has seen my collection before. I've spent quite a few years assembling it. I designed and built all of these display cases myself — perfect for showcasing my masterpieces, don't you agree?

Oh, that's right, I apologize. I imagine it's quite hard to reply with wads of bloodied gauze shoved down your throat. Please, forgive my foolish indiscretion.

No, no, please — eyes front. Don't look over there. Those were some of my very early attempts. Miserable failures compared to my most recent endeavors. Again, I do not expect a response, so please, don't expend any energies in trying. You're going to need your strength.  I'm merely making an observation.

It's not as easy as you might think, however. Lots of practice went in before I ... perfected my technique.

Hold still, now. This is really going... to hurt...

...first, a delicate slice along your jawline, then up, past the ear. Next, a clean cut along your temple... gently peeling back the skin and scalp... Please, stop squirming! While I prefer doing this while my subjects are still breathing, I'm not beyond...

...okay, that's much better. Now, allow me to heat up this tablespoon for a moment. It makes removal of the eyes so much easier. Okay...hold..it... steady now...and, 'POP!' — out they come. It's as easy as that, you see?

Oh, no...no. I suppose you can't see, can you?

Now... for the coup de grace. Glass eyes are inserted into the sockets. I took the liberty of selecting a pale blue rather than the hazel you're probably accustomed to. I hope you won't mind?

Now, just another... stitch...or...two... here...

Voilá...you're a living doll!

So, what do you think?


Hello... miss?



Well, boils and ghouls. It appears that one really can go...looking...for love in all the wrong places, heh-heh-heh.

As always, thanks for taking an interest in these Tiny Tales of twisted Terror. Pleasant Screams!
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