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Shaelana experiences a transformation of her persona

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA

The Essence of Shaelana

by Liandra

"Inverted commas - for normal communication"

'Single - for transmitting to another character.'

Thoughts - zero commas

'Zeskia' - higher than divine act of love
'Quadrals' - 100 warriors for each transformation into one quadral war ship.

Author notes below body of writing.

Maestro, she looked into his dark eyes as she spoke, transmit only. I don't want others to hear what I'm about to say.
Your wish is my command, my little one. Ummm, where have I heard that before, which hologram I wonder?
For all that's sacred, stay in the moment and cease your waffling!
Ah yes, I do waffle -- I like that word waffle -- I'll add it to my dictionary. Now you were saying...
You're inferring she may morph again into the nectar.
Mmm -- I'm afraid so. You see my sweet Sianna'Q; she has merged with the nectar twice.

Yes, of course, I understand. I'll keep the nectar safe. Touching a small pouch at her waist, the flap flew open. Holding it between her index finger and thumb, she placed it firmly into the cup of the pouch. The flap closed instantly.
"Now, before you leave there's still one more hologram."
The image that filled the screen was horrifying to their heightened sensitivities.




"Earth's surface is under attack by Orion's minions. They've taken advantage of our absence." Sianna'Q's patience was dwindling as she tried to hide the anger that surged through her. "He's not satisfied with the brutal violation of Erteisia, he's slaughtering innocent humans who are trapped in the conflict."

She looked beyond the darkness and into the heart of Earth. Gaia is allowing her Shinza energy to radiate through her planetary body by expanding her core.

She looked closer into another hologram. Hell, I don't like what I'm seeing here -- I hope I'm wrong. "Erte is weakening," she referred to the Goddess struggling to hold the planet safe in her womb. "She can't release Earth now, it's too soon, the planet will shatter."

"Look, a dark force field is creeping over  the surface." Zenak looked closely at the creeping virus.

"You're witnessing a crime against humanity," Maestro informed the restless warriors. "The perpetrators are a federation with a president who unknowingly is controlled by Orion."

"The president doesn't know he's a puppet?" Solace asked as he peered at the force field.
Maestro pointed to another scenario, showing high-ranking leaders of the planet coming together to denounce the president. "Sad to say some countries rely on free trade, and will not intervene," he did his usual flamboyant, swivel, "and then there are those who unfortunately have their own agenda - gold, oil, uranium, iron ore and many other precious commodities."

"We're back to where we!" Sianna'Q raised her arms in frustration of humanities greed for power. "It comes right down to Earth's riches."

As he strode backwards and forwards, Zenak's impatience was noticeable. His frown enhanced his white brows as they touched in the middle of his forehead. Streaks of lightening speared from his golden eyes and over their heads, as he clenched his fists, his arms reaching for the stars, as he howled, akin to the wolf that was part of his persona.

"It will end. I'll see all perpetrators of Earth, Gaia and Erte, imprisoned in the void, where time does'nt exist."

The holograms trembled, as his howl morphed into a roar resounding through the caverns. Weaving swiftly up the stone steps, the echo left a trail of wispy threads as it passed through the entrance like a living entity and expanded into the Universe.

Maestro whirled around, lifted his arms and pointed his long fingers at Zenak.


Her sense of foreboding heightened, as Sianna'Q felt Maestro's fury. He would annihilate Zenak if he continued to abuse the holograms with his anger. Without warning, Solace flew above her head in shadow, and directly into Zenak, sending him soaring through the cavern.

"Shaelana, come we'll leave Zenak to Maestro and Solace." With a scowl on her face and her arm around her friend's shoulders, she led her away from the melee to the entrance, and up the stone steps to the surface. Oh how beautiful this is -- the planets and distant stars are breath taking. "Look Shaelana, remember the last time we were here?"

"Yes I remember. It's heavenly -- look up there - are they the same group of stars we saw before?"

Sianna'Q absorbed the radiance of the stars that formed a rippling arch in the darkness above them. They reached from one side of Maestro's planet to the other, highlighting the planets and the gaseus nebulas. Their distinct shades of merging colours, created a haze of rings around their star bodies.

Crystal will be assisting Gaia with her crystalline power of expansion. I miss her delicate charm. She was one of my first friends when I was a human child. That was long ago -- seems like a dream now, apart from the fact I cannot dream anymore. Glancing at her friend, she smiled. Even if Shaelana is a little weird, she's my dearest friend.

Now oblivious to the beauty above, Shaelana shrugged the Maestro's cloak from her shoulders, exposing her shapely body. One bare foot at a time, she moved onto one of the holograms. "I had forgotten the holograms covered the surface." She pivoted on her toes as she whispered, "soft and pliable -- Sianna'Q it's warm to my feet and it feels so good to be free of the darkness that possessed me."

Watching as her friend lifted her arms, stretching them above her head as she gazed up at the stars, Sianna'Q conveyed her thoughts: Come on Shaelana manifest your body suit!

She grabbed Maestro's cloak and wrapped it around her friend's nakedness. "You will keep this on until you manifest your bodysuit."

The formation of stars slowly separated, weaving streams of light into separate arches. "Sianna'Q, look..." she pointed to the stars.

"What are they doing?"

"They're creating rainbows in the heavens that resemble the ones of Sarandor'Q." She spun around as a shooting rainbow struck her, like lightening hitting a tree. It spun her faster and faster and just as quickly, released her, throwing her onto a hologram.

Solace, come quickly and bring Zenak and Maestro - that's if they haven't sent each other into the void!

"Is this quick enough?" Solace asked as he spied Shaelana.

He knelt down beside her and stroked her pale face. "What happened?"

"Ah -- do not fear, my friend." Zenak assured him. "She's an innocent as you already know. She may look the warrior and act the warrior, in truth she's a gentle soul. Her disguise has faded away, and now she'll reveal her magnificence."

As he lifted her into his arms, Zenak knew his Shaelana had ascended into her Soul essence.
"We must leave here immediately and return to Sarandor'Q."

Maestro stood tall as he watched the drama he had already seen in a hologram, and had deliberately kept secret.

You knew and you did nothing to stop this from occurring. Why Maestro, why didn't you warn us? Isn't there three scenarios to every action?" Sianna'Q stood in front of him, looking up into his black eyes. Is that sadness I detect within your eyes?

Yes I knew, and hoped that this scenario wouldn't manifest. I was mistaken.

Let me know how I can make things right. She looked into his dark eyes and saw no reflection.

You don't understand, do you?

What do you mean by that remark? She asked.

I thought you understood that once the action manifests, there's a re-action -- and this is her re-action to something she has hidden from us.

I wonder if it was when she merged within the nectar.

This has never occurred before -- give me time to understand. I am the Maestro, the keeper and creator of all that exists within the Time line. He gripped his hands together in front of his solar plexus and paced in circles, and from the corner of his eye he noticed Shaelana standing draped in a Grecian robe made of rainbows.

"The nectar," he roared as realization dawned. "The nectar is housed in an ancient Greek Urn. Look at her and her robe and the gold braid in her hair."

Zenak moved forward, lifted Shaelana into his arms and carried her toward Maestro. 

Sianna'Q noticed she was smiling. "Put her down Zenak now, please let go of her."

He lowered her slender legs, as she slid gracefully from his hold and walked over to Maestro. She slipped her hand through his bent arm and looked up into his eyes. "You knew it would change me, didn't you, maybe you want me to remain here with you?"

"I have no need of you; you are the mate of Zenak. Go now and travel to the Sacred Mountain with Sianna'Q. There you will make a choice between Shaelana and this persona that occupies your body."

He released her arm and turned to Solace. "Take her and do not let her out of your vision. She must go to the mountain."

"I'll not let her out of my sight." He turned to Zenak, "Come my friend, it's time for you to take charge of your Soul Mate."

"It's time." Sianna'Q turned and closed the gap between her and the Maestro. You overlooked the strength of the nectar this time.

The urn held her too long and she may have absorbed an ancient soul that existed within the nectar. I thank you for your forgiveness. I should have told you the risks involved but I didn't because I was so sure she would return in the same manner as before. He stepped back and walked towards the opening to the caverns.

"Wait!' She looked behind to make sure the portal hadn't opened, then hurried back to Maestro.

I'll always feel safe because I know you will protect me. You are a wonderful, but strange friend.

Aha, you are levitating, clever girl - may I? He slid his arms around her waist and held her, his dark eyes connected with her green eyes. You are the loveliest thing I have ever seen.

Okay, remember this is a friendship hug, and I do love you - as a friend!

I will look it up in my holograms and see what a friendly love means. He watched her fly over to her friends, as a tear slid down his cheek. Why does she affect me this way?

As the portal opened, he watched her turn one last time and wave. It's so quiet -- why haven't I noticed the silence before?



Author Notes: History.

Sianna'Q travels from future Earth along the time line, and births as a human baby. Her mission: to prevent Orion's destruction of Earth, by creating a rippling effect, erasing Earth of the future and the Sarandor'Q.

Following her initiation into her preordained destiny, by Merlin and Turaal the dragon, she travels to the shape-shifting planet of Sarandor'Q. There she's re-united with her Soul Mate, Solace. Unbeknown to her, he has protected her throughout her journey within Inner Earth and the core, taking on many shapes and forms. Together they've fought the mighty Ch'hogs, Orion's warriors, travelled through caverns of hovels where young human females are imprisoned, and used as a delicacy for the Ch'hog appetite.

On a visit to the Time Maestro within his planet of Existence, they learn there are many possibilities to actions such as: action and reaction are equal & perfect.

Orion traps Sianna'Q in the void where she suffers extreme torture until rescued and returned to Sarandor'Q, where Solace and Sianna'Q experience 'zeskia', before she flies to the peak of the sacred mountain protected by the Q'ran Tree people. There Maestro creates visions of the Time Line where Earth, is threatened with implosion. Orion's obsession with Erte is limitless.

Returning to Erteisia, she is visited by 'the one who walked the Earth over two thousand years ago'. He's from the future and has the name of Shaendor.

In the cavern of doom, Sianna'Q and the warriors infiltrate with the Ch'hogs however, they need to be vigilant. Slaves are abused, and worked until they drop dead.
Their goal is to prevent the leeching of gold from Earth.
Orion chastises Xag for his incompetence and sends him back to Erteisia with his Elite warriors. Again Xag fails and is taken once again by Orion.

List of characters
SIANNA'Q Warrior from Earth's future travels back along the Time line to prevent Orion imploding Earth. Born through the womb of a human, she has secret friends in her childhood, who travel with her through a portal to Erteisia. Here she has a massive transformation, from child to woman. Her journey begins.
SOLACE: Warrior from the future begins his mission in Erteisia. His first encounter with his Soul Mate, is as a Semmilion equine: his task is to protect and fight beside her against Orion's minions.
SHAENDOR: From the future. He walked the Earth, over two thousand years ago, spreading love, truth and healing. He assists the warriors in the quest for peace on Earth.
SHAELANA: Shape-shifter from the Nebula of Sarandor'Q. Newly initiated as a warrior, however, being young, she learns to master a certain protocol -- emotional self discipline.
ZENAK: Shape-shifter - Shaelana's soul mate and teacher. As Solace's second in command, he is powerful and brutal, with the enemies of Earth, Gaia and Erte.
Erte: Betrothed to Ra the son of the Sun. She holds planet Earth within her womb waiting to birth an enlightened planet. She is tormented by Orion who wants to possess her.
ORION: He controls the minds of weak humans. His minions who mine the Earth's body for gold, oil and her other precious sources, are his punishment to Erte who struggles to keep Earth safe.
TIME MAESTRO: He is the keeper of all that is in existence. His small planet of holograms holds every scenario in existence, in the Time- frame of All that is - from the beginning of time to the end of time. He is very protective and only once in eons, has he left his planet, to rescue Sianna'Q in a battle with Orion's minions.
MERLIN : He initiates Willow (Sianna'Q) Crystal and Ishlyna, into their power. He appears at odd moments, when all seems futile.
TURAAL (DRAGON) Also from the future. Protector of Sianna'Q and occasionally, transports her to where she is most needed.
OOLIO: Sarandor'Q's Tree warriors. Powerful, magical and humorous. Ten feet tall, body of bark, branches and twigs. Native to Sarandor'Q. Melodious speech, and mind readers. Loyal to their cause.
BINAIRD & LAIVILIO: Soul mates and shape-shifters. Prime purpose is to 'shift' into 'two passenger' space ships.
X'ZAN & ZENDA: soul Mates and shape-shifters of Sarandor'Q -- small build - morph into space ships.
Ishlyna : Resides with Gaia in the Shinza (Core heart of planet Eart.) holding the planet on its axis
PHAEDRA: Orion's concubine -- mother of Ishlyna.
XAG: (Lord of the Ch'hogs) Reptilian warrior -- Orion's second in command.
Ch'hogs: (Orion's warriors) Brutal without conscience.
Zandrogs: Slaves to the Ch'hogs. Small, solid build with reptilian genes.

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