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Sianna'Q, Solace & Zenak travel to the Planet of holograms.

A chapter in the book ERTEISIA

Bitter - Sweet Victory

by Liandra

"Inverted commas - for normal communication"
'Single - for transmitting to another character.'
Thoughts - zero commas
Zeskia' -  higher than divine act of love 
'Quadrals' - 100 warriors for each transformtion into one quadral war ship.
Author notes below body of writing

Thanks to Angelheart for her brilliant artwork.

"Can someone please help me? I'm feeling nauseous with this green blood under my nose. My body aches and I'm fed up with being under this pig's armpit!" Sianna'Q kicked her legs like a child having a tantrum, her face hidden by her dark hair, which flopped over and almost brushed the soiled ground.
Solace, I attempted to shape-shift to free myself -- something prevented the shift. I'm concerned Orion has some control over me.
Solace hovered down beside Oolio. If he did, then he would have allowed the shift to take place and would have taken you mid-change.
I hadn't thought of that. I just want to be out of this embarrassing, atrociously stinking situation.

Oolio stepped away as Solace bent over the giant Ch'hog, and with a balled fist drew back his arm, then, with full force punched him just below his left shoulder. "Let her go now," he growled savagely. "That's if you want to live."

He stepped back. "Hell -- he's all but dead!" He prodded the beast's gnarled face. "His eyes are still open but there's no life force there."

"Oh for heaven's sake free me," Sianna'Q yelled, "and stop probing him like he's a specimen. Oolio, help me out here." She wriggled her legs furiously and pushed at the giant's strong, leathery arm with all the strength she could muster - to no avail. He had her locked tight under his smelly armpit.

"It is interesting to observe warriors when they're perplexed, as are Solace and Zenak." Oolio responded. "They see only the challenge, but not the reward." .

"Yes Oolio, so true," Sianna'Q replied testily. "Hey, I'm still here when you're done studying this monster." She lifted her head and separated the slimy, congealed hair with her fingers. Holding the gooey mess back and blowing the loose strands away from her eyes, she glared at the two warriors as she yelled at them tersely.

"You will regret this, Solace!"

"You know what you have to do, so do it now my friend." With a grin on his face, Solace nodded at Zenak, and without a warning, raised his jaska and sliced through the Ch'hog's broad shoulder. At the same time, Zenak grabbed Sianna'Q under her arms, pulling her free from the displaced limb and onto her knees in front of him. 

"Phew! you stink," he said, as he pushed her away. His wrinkled nose, pursed lips and the way he squinted his slanted, gold eyes, fueled her anger. She turned away from him and peered down at the monster.  

Lying in his own sticky green blood, the Ch'hog had doubled over like a heap of leathery armour. Its huge lizard jaw had opened wide, exposing his large, sharp canines. Umm, they're big! She looked closer.

"Move away Sianna'Q, he may still be alive." Zenak warned.

She glanced up, then looked down again just as his purple tongue slid out of his jaw, like a long snake slithering to the ground. Startled, she jumped back, and then swiftly turned around at the sound of male laughter. They stood with their arms crossed and their legs astride. By their annoying manner, she could see they were enjoying her predicament.

As for Oolio, she couldn't believe that he would enjoy their camaraderie. That's a hollow - mouth smile, if ever I saw one, Oolio. I know you can read my mind, so what's so funny?

My dear little one, enjoy your freedom as do Solace and Zenak. You have with your reaction to captivity, which I will add, is now past anger, an opportunity to rejoice. You are free, even though a little messy. See the joy of freedom, and celebrate.

With a glare in their direction, she rubbed her legs impatiently, as she spoke. "I've pins and needles in my legs and feet."

"Ah--ha!" Orion's voice sounded through the cavern once again, "So little warrior, I see you are giving into weakness, just as I thought you would. I will have you now I know your weaknesses -- it's only a matter of when!"

A sensation of nausea on top of everything else, threatened to overwhelm her. With a slightly warped smile on her face belying how she felt, she responded.

"Take note, Orion -- you will never win and you will never implode Earth." Her voice was not her voice anymore. No, I will not give in to the weakness. A human emotion does not afford me well.

Despite the nauseous swirling in her head, she stood her ground. Legs slightly apart and hands on her hips, she held her head high as she felt her soul mate's arm slip around her waist.

"Enough Orion. When are you going to realise you've lost? Look around this cavern and see your minions locked in many cages. You have failed." Solace's voice was deep and potent as he held Sianna'Q tight in his arm.

"We'll release your warriors as long as they leave the Mountain and Erteisia."

Oolio raised his arms of gnarled branches above the heads of the Ch'hogs, as he walked towards their prisons. His tall, stately army marched in unison behind him. "You are free to go back to your planets in Orion's nebula. Be prepared for him to gather you together again to fight his war or be thrown in his nebula. It is your choice now, and yours alone."

They cowered under the radiance of his energy.

"I will hunt you down Oolio, Master of the Q'ran. I will annihilate you! You have insulted my intelligence and you will pay dearly." His voice thundered through the cavern and again the mountain trembled.

"So be it -- as it has always been, so it will always be." Oolio turned as the Q'ran surrounded him, and in his calm, majestic manner, he strode back to the far end of the cavern, near the shattered lift, where he instantly manifested a portal of light, a direct path to Sarandor'Q.

"Oolio, we will celebrate when we return with Shaelana."

"We look forward to the celebrations -- why not invite the Maestro, after all, I see he has broken his own rules of never leaving his planet of holograms." He turned, and with his warriors filing behind him, they vanished through the portal.

"I wonder where Xag is." Zenak queried.

"If he's with Orion we would have heard." Solace replied. He watched Sianna'Q on her knees bending over a spring-fed pond, washing her matted hair in the clear water. "He's in hiding somewhere, and for all our sakes we will hunt him out."  She sat back on her heels, gathered her long, dark hair into her hands and tied a loose knot. He relished the thought of being alone again with her, and admired how natural it was for her, to transform from a warrior into a goddess. 

She felt his presence behind her, touching her wet hair. She turned around, 'What are you doing, Solace?'

'I like the way it flows and it's pleasing to my eye to see you as a female and not a warrior.'
He held her hands as she stood up, his gold eyes captured hers as he slid his arms around her waist, pulling her against his body. 'I've missed you, my sweet Sianna'Q and your fragrance is a pleasure to my senses. It's been way too long.'

'Not here, my love -- come to me later when we have privacy.
' Her need for him increased as she looked around to see if they were alone. With a sigh, she relaxed. Good, they're busy gathering the slaves and Zandrogs together. 'Follow me...' She held his hand and led him behind a stationary giant robot.

She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. His gold eyes glinted as he lowered his head; his mouth covered hers with a passion she had never felt before.

Feeling already dizzy from her ordeal, she pulled away, and then gently brushed his lips with hers. The touch was electric. She wanted more of him, so much more. He held her tight again, running his hands over her body. She felt his need as he pressed hard against her thighs, his lips tormenting her with his kisses. He was all she had ever needed or wanted. Unaware of anything other than the pure love they were sharing, her second skin slowly began to disintegrate, revealing her shapely, naked body.

Oh, how she needed him, ached for him to take away the pain of the past and to fly to Sarandor'Q and enjoy the pleasures of their love and the freedom from adversity.

Her head was spinning with the pleasure of his touch, and yet even in this state of joy, she was aware he was lost on another plateau - the plateau of Zeskia. He was lost in euphoria and she knew she had to bring him back slowly. Now is not the right time for Zeskia, my Solace. Come back my love. He was on the brink of Zeskia. "Come back - stop!"

Startled, he returned and realised he had almost placed his soul mate in a vulnerable situation. She hadn't perfected her shedding skills. "Oh I'm sorry, my love -- I lost myself in you." His eyes traversed her half naked body, he touched her gently, 'cover yourself before I get lost in you again.'

She held his gaze as she covered her nakedness with her black second skin, adorned with a wide skin belt holding her jaska in one holster and her jagged edged dagger in another.

"I know -- I have the same needs, but now we lead the Sarandor'Q out of here."

"As soon as our warriors have formed Quadrals and left Erteisia, we journey to the Maestro's planet." He replied.

'We were going to the Shinza -- I wanted to see how Ishlyna is handling the task she chose. Having said that, I'm sure she would've sent a telepathic message if she had needed us."

He reached for her hand, just as Zenak cautiously walked around the robot. "I hope I haven't interrupted anything." He smiled and rubbed the side of his nose with his index finger. "The warriors are ready to depart when you are, my friends."

He then stood at ease with his hand on his jaska. "I'm not positive, but my gut instinct tells me Xag is incognito -- if that's so, then we must remain alert."

"Yes, he wouldn't be stupid enough to return to Orion, knowing full well the punishment he would suffer. He's cunning, stay alert Sianna'Q, if he's lurking within our ranks, he could manifest as a warrior."

"There's one way to catch him, his scent. He stinks of rat!"

"Ha, I love your sense of humour!"

"I'm serious, Zenak, he stinks of rat, believe me." She turned and walked past the robot and towards the warriors who were preparing to vacate and merge into Quadrals.

'I wonder how Shaelana is coping, and what method Maestro is using to bring her back from wherever her mind dwells.'

'He's merging her within the fountain of nectar and, hopefully she'll return to us with much wisdom.'
Solace transmitted.

I'm curious as to how the spirit of the nectar will present her when she's reformed this time.'


Author Notes: History.

Sianna'Q travels from future Earth along the time line, and births as a human baby. Her mission:  to prevent Orion’s destruction of Earth, by creating a rippling effect, erasing Earth of the future and the Sarandor'Q.
Following her initiation into her preordained destiny, by Merlin and Turaal the dragon, she travels to the shape-shifting planet of Sarandor'Q. There she's re-united with her Soul Mate, Solace. Unbeknown to her, he has protected her throughout her journey within Inner Earth and the core, taking on many shapes and forms. Together they've fought the mighty Ch'hogs, Orion's warriors, travelled through caverns of hovels where young human females are
imprisoned,  as a delicacy for the Ch'hog  appetite.   
A visit to the Time Maestro within his planet of Existence, they learn there are many possibilities to actions enforced, action and reaction are equal & perfect.
Orion traps Sianna’Q in the void where she suffers extreme torture until rescued and returned to Sarandor'Q. Solace and Sianna’Q experience 'zeskia' together, before she flies to the peak of the sacred mountain protected by the Q'ran Tree people. There Maestro creates visions of the Time Line where Earth, tucked within Erte's womb, is threatened with implosion. Orion's obsession with Erte is limitless.
Returning Erteisia, she is visited by ‘the one who walked the Earth over two thousand years ago’. He's from the future and has the name of Shaendor.
In the cavern of doom, Sianna’Q and the warriors infiltrate with the Ch’hogs however, they need to be vigilant. Slaves are abused and worked until they drop.
Their goal is to prevent the leeching of gold from Earth.
Orion chastises Xag for his incompetence and sends him back to Erteisia with his Elite warriors. Again Xag fails and is taken once again by Orion.


List of characters


SIANNA’Q   Warrior from Earth’s future travels back along the Time line to prevent Orion imploding Earth. Born through the womb of a human, she has secret friends in her childhood, who travel with her through a portal to Erteisia. Here she has a massive transformation, from child to woman. Her journey begins.
SOLACE:  Warrior from the future begins his mission in Erteisia. His first encounter with his Soul Mate, is as a Semmilion equine: his task is to protect and fight beside her against Orion’s minions.   
SHAENDOR: From the future.  He walked the Earth, over two thousand years ago, spreading love, truth and healing.  He assists the warriors in the quest for peace on Earth.
SHAELANA:  Shape-shifter from the Nebula of Sarandor’Q. Newly initiated as a warrior, however, being young, she learns to master a certain protocol – emotional self discipline.     
ZENAK:  Shape-shifter - Shaelana’s soul mate and teacher.  As Solace’s second in command, he is powerful and brutal, with the enemies of Earth, Gaia and Erte.
Erte:  Betrothed to Ra the son of the Sun. She holds planet Earth within her womb waiting to birth an enlightened planet. She is tormented by Orion who wants to possess her.
ORION:  He controls the minds of weak humans. His minions who mine the Earth’s body for gold, oil and her other precious sources, are his punishment to Erte who struggles to keep Earth safe. 
TIME MAESTRO:  He is the keeper of all that is in existence. His small planet of holograms holds every scenario in existence, in the Time- frame of All that is - from the beginning of time to the end of time. He is very protective and only once in eons, has he left his planet, to rescue Sianna’Q in a battle with Orion’s minions.
MERLIN :  He initiates Willow (Sianna’Q) Crystal and Ishlyna, into their power. He appears at odd moments, when all seems futile.
TURAAL (DRAGON) Also from the future.  Protector of Sianna’Q and occasionally, transports her to where she is most needed.
OOLIO:  Sarandor’Q’s Tree warriors. Powerful, magical and humorous. Ten feet tall, body of bark, branches and twigs. Native to Sarandor’Q.  Melodious speech, and mind readers. Loyal to their cause.
BINAIRD & LAIVILIO: Soul mates and shape-shifters. Prime purpose is to ‘shift’ into ‘two passenger’ space ships.
X’ZAN & ZENDA: soul Mates and shape-shifters of Sarandor’Q – small build - morph into space ships. 
 Ishlyna : Resides with Gaia in the Shinza (Core heart of planet Eart.)  holding the planet on its axis
PHAEDRA:  Orion’s concubine – mother of Ishlyna.
XAG:  (Lord of the Ch’hogs) Reptilian warrior – Orion’s second in command.
Ch’hogs:  (Orion’s warriors) Brutal without conscience.
Zandrogs:  Slaves to the Ch’hogs. Small, solid build with reptilian genes.


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